Attala County, Mississippi


Attala County, Mississippi

Location: T12N-R5E-S1
Located in Attala Co. on the Leake-Attala county line. This cemetery may be located by traveling west from Kosciusko to Sallis, then south to Newport, then east to Zemuly, then south crossing into Leake Co. to Shiloh Church, turning left on a small gravel road to the left, and traveling approx. 2 1/2 miles, then turning right and traveling approx. .9 miles to top of hill and then turning left and following this road to the end at the gate to a Negro cemetery. The Negro cemetery is well fenced and just over the fence at the north side can be seen the tombstones of the old Wright Cemetery. Copied 18 Sept 1965 by Claude B. Carter of Kosciusko.

David F. SHROCK, died 6 March 1854, aged 42 yrs 3 mos 2 das
David H. SHROCK, aged 4 mos, son of D.F. & Nancy Shrock
Philip SHROCK, aged 11 mos, child of David F. and Nancy Shrock *
Mary SHROCK, aged 11 mos, child of David F. & Nancy Shrock *
David F. SHROCK, aged 19 mos 6 days, child of David F. & Nancy Shrock *
[above 3 names on one large marble marker]
North of the above large marble marker is a large table-top marker:
Mary Anne SHROCK, died 18 Nov 1852, aged about 52 years, Consort of Rev. H. H. Shrock

Just to the west of the above marker is a small fenced plot containing four graves with only one marker:
M. E. JORDAN, died 2 Aug 1865 aged 2 yrs 7 mos 9 das
(This Jordan child is said to be the daughter of Mr. Lucius Jordan's brother
who died out near Center a few years ago)
Two graves: inside a paling fence
Evidence of several graves without markers.

In 1964 Mr. Kelly Beauchamp said a Mrs. Weatherly was buried here but the tombstone is gone; also buried here were Mrs. Weatherly's father and mother, a sister and several brothers (names not known).

Note: Mr. Beauchamp said the Rev. H. H. Shrock remarried and moved with his second wife to Belton, Wells Co.,Texas ca 1870-1880.

Abbreviations Used:
( )     Information not on tombstone but added by historians
*      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
#      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
(F.H.M)     temporary Funeral Home Marker
Grave     Noticeable grave without a tombstone
grave - F.H.M.     Noticeable grave with unreadable Funeral Home Marker
(M.E.)     Masonic Emblem on the tombstone
(E.S.E.)     Eastern Star Emblem on the tombstone
(W.O.W.E.)(W.O.W.)  Woodsman of World Emblem on the tombstone



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