Attala County, Mississippi


Attala County, Mississippi

Location: T16N-R8E-S23
From Kosciusko proceed north on the Natchez Trace Parkway to the Berea community; there turn left (west) on a dirt road known as the McCool Road; at the first crossroad then left (south) going past Mr. John Hubbert's who now lives in the old Chapman house; at the next crossroad turn right (west) leaving the Old Trace and going to Hughley Braswell's place - here you turn right down a country land blocked by a wire gate to reach the Braswell house. At the house leave the car and walk across the field on your right; go up the hill to a grove of trees - hidden in the trees is the cemetery. Copied Oct 29,1958.

Two or more graves
James W. Woodard, 1831 - 1898
Elizabeth H. WOODARD, Oct 18,1806 - Feb 26,1862 (broken)
Johnathan WOODARD, died Aug 27,1853, age 56 yrs 19 days (b.1797)
Infant son of B. T. & M. J. CLARK, died Jan 22,1859, aged 22 days
John W. WHITE, died Jan 28,1862, aged 18 yrs 4 mos 21 days
Mary J. CLARK, Mar 13,1829 - Aug 20,1900, wife of Benjamin T.Clark (stone broken)
Benjamin T. CLARK, Dec 1,1823 - Sept 10,1884, aged 66 yrs 9 mos 9 days
N. A. (Thompson) CORNEL, died June 6,1870, aged 81 yrs, (b.1789) wife of D. Cornel,
     dau of M. & E. Thompson
(at the foot a footstone N.A.T. & just beyond an unmarked grave with a footstone with initials N.A.C.)
Mary BEACH, June 29,1890 - July 18,1890, dau of T.J.& G.A.Beach
Georgia A. BEACH, June 24,1852 - July 11,1890, wife of T.J.Beach
Grave beside Georgia A. Beach

Abbreviations Used:
( )     Information not on tombstone but added by historians
*      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
#      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
(F.H.M)     temporary Funeral Home Marker
Grave     Noticeable grave without a tombstone
grave - F.H.M.     Noticeable grave with unreadable Funeral Home Marker
(M.E.)     Masonic Emblem on the tombstone
(E.S.E.)     Eastern Star Emblem on the tombstone
(W.O.W.E.)(W.O.W.)  Woodsman of World Emblem on the tombstone



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