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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,Aug. 9, 1979


Williams Family Traced

By Joyce W. Sanders

  "They wuz 'bout 200 that came, five families, most 50 white folks and all us blacks." This statement from George, who drove a carriage from Alabama when the connections came to Attala County.
  According to an interview by Jesse Henderson Williams with former slaves, George and Ferry Williams, in 1918, we deduced that Shadrick F. and James Williams came directly from Georgia, picking up cousin Enoch Williams and John Sallis III and sons in Pickens County, Alabama, and then on to Attala.
  "Enoch Henderson Williams Sr. was born in Georgia on Sept. 15, 1806; his wife, Nancy English, was also a native of Georgia, having been born Feb. 2, 1807, and having married Jan 8, 1826. They were the parents of nine children, but tragically there were but few Williams' descendants. Enoch and Nancy gave the Confederate four, and maybe five, of their sons. I am not sure about Benjamin Litefoot, though he did die during the Civil War. They educated their children.
  We know from letters preserved of Mollie that Green, Enoch and Columbus attended school at Mississippi College at Clinton. Nancy went to the academy at Summerville in Noxubee County and probably to a Miss David at Bluff Springs. Sarah Isobel married at age 14 but probably went to school in Alabama. Enoch Jr. was a school teacher. After Enoch Sr. died on Jan. 18, 1859, his widow ran the

farm and kept the family together
...being especially kind to her daughter-in-law, Mollie. In August, 1878, Nancy Williams died.
  First child was Benjamin Litefoot Williams, born in Georgia on January 15, 1827, and married to Sarah McMath in Pickens County, Ala., on Christmas Day, 1845. They moved to Choctaw County , where he died June 25, 1862.
  John Henry Williams, born April 30, 1828, in Georgia, married Sarah Ann Lowe in 1853. Sarah was the daughter of James R. Lowe and wife, Elizabeth. She was born in 1839 in Alabama and died in Attala County in October, 1857.
  John and Sarah had one child, Sarah Lowe Williams, who went back to Alabama to live after the death of her parents. John Henry married Mary E. Bradley in November, 1858, and they also had one daughter, Louella. John died June 14, 1864, and his widow married Hilary E. Hearon and moved to west Point.
  William Thomas, third son, was born February 18, 1832. There is no record of his ever having married and he died August 9, 1858. John Henry administered his estate, which consisted of horse, saddle and other bachelor equipment.
  Sarah Isobel Williams was born November 11, 1834, and was married to Richard D. Brown on July 8, 1849. He was of the Brown Town family and their cemetery is located south of highway across from Bluff Springs Trading Post. It is surrounded by a moat. Sarah died March 28, 1873.
  Enoch Henderson Williams Jr. was the next child but will discuss him later and pass on to Joseph Green English Williams, who was born October 14, 1840, and died un-
married at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, as did his brother, Enoch. They are buried in the same grave wrapped in the same blanket in the Confederate Cemetery there.
  Columbus Marion Williams, born November 11, 1843, was married to Fannie E. Sallis on April 25, 1865. (You see how the connections intermarry.) Fannie was the daughter of J. Melton Sallis and granddaughter of John III. Columbus outlived all his brothers but was wounded in the leg during the Civil War and finally had to have his leg removed.
  He died May 10, 1870, and is buried at Sallis along with his wife, daughter, parents and brothers, John William and Aquilla. His daughter, Marion E., was born December 6, 1869, and died May 5, 1873.
  Aquilla Jones Williams was born August 28, 1846, and died February 5, 1862...another casualty of the Civil War. His death resulted while at home on leave with measles. He was only 15 years old but full of patriotism for his beloved South.
  The last child was Nancy Elizabeth and she was born March 26, 1849. On March 29, 1866, she married George H. Johnson. They are buried in Holmes County.
  Next column will feature the touching love story of Mollie Lloyd and Enoch Williams and their descendants.

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The above article appeared in the August 9, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.


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