Attala County, Mississippi


Everette Carr - October 1, 2002
October, 2002

Everette Carr
County Coordinator (Webmaster)
Attala County, Mississippi

Everette Carr was born in Weir, Choctaw County, Mississippi in the front room of his grandparent's house on Front Street. Dr. Tabor was in attendance on the 25th of January 1936 at 8:15 a.m. when Everette made his appearance.

His father (Everette H. Carr, Sr.), grandfather (Reuben Carr) and grandmother (Herietta Huffman Carr) were born in the northeast portion of Attala County in the area of Bear Creek. His paternal great grandparents (Marcus Alonzo and Nannie Carr) were born in Alabama. His great great grandparents (George Miller & Aminda Carr) removed to Attala County in the mid 1850's and settled in the Bear Creek Area. His other great great grandparents (William & Olivia Huffman) had relocated from Alabama to Attala County in the late 1840's. His great grandfather (Wilbert Asgill Huffman) was born in Attala County and served with the 5th Regiment Mississippi Cavalry, having enrolled at age 16.

Everette's mother was born in Sturgis, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. His grandmother on his mother's side (Josephine 'Jodie' Rainey) was born in Attala County. His maternal great great grandparents had migrated to Attala County in the late 1840's from Kemper County. His other great grandparents (Kemp) were from Lowdnes County.

Everette is a self-taught webmaster writing his own code using 'Wordpad'. He spends way too much time in front of his computer, as it is his passion. He is also passionate about cycling, history, the civil war, fishing, photography, model railroading, rail fanning, and reading. He is well known in several of the local libraries.

Everette served with the United States Air Force for four years (1953-1957) attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. He attended Memphis State University in Memphis, Tennessee. He was employed by Borg-Warner Acceptance Corp., General Acceptance Corporation and Chrysler First, Inc., a unit of Chrysler Financial. He retired in 1991 from Chrysler.

Everette has been an active participant in the genealogy community since 2000. He maintains sites for ALHN and USGenWeb. He is the county coordinator for Attala County and Clay County, Mississippi. He is also the list administrator and board admnistrator for the Attala County list and inquiry board. In January, 2007, Everette became a member of the USGenWeb Election Committee where he will serve a two year term (December 31, 2008). In 2007, there was a general uproar when RootsWeb ( attempted to claim rights of ownership of all information and data posted by USGenWeb volunteers to sites they maintained and attempted to charge a fee for access. As State Director for MSGenWeb, Everette led the entire MSGenWeb County webmasters away from RootsWeb and established an agreement for free web space elsewhere. In the latter part of 2008, a few disgrunteled older webmasters became disenchanted with the younger, more progressive group that was attempting to move MSGenWeb forward and this resulted in a nasty, prolonged fight among the competing contimgicies. Everette and a number of County Coordinators moved away from MSGenWeb and formed the Mississippi Genealogy and History Network. This new organization is composed of dedicated volunteers that devote their spare time and full attention to Mississippi genealogy, free of the politics of a national organization and devoted to Mississippi only.

In addition to Everette's involvement in the genealogy community, he was for eight seasons, a volunteer at the Lehigh County velodrome, serving as Coordinator for Security. He retired from this position after the 2006 season and now enjoys sitting in the stands watching the cycling races. He is the President and Treasureer of the Cedar View Senior Citizens Club and the the President of the Union and West End Cemetery Association, a cemetery that covers 19.6 acres of land in center city Allentown and where over 715 Union Civil War Veterans are interred. This cemetery has more Civil War Veterans buried within its grounds than any cemetery in Pennsylvanis other than the National Cenm,etery at Gettysburg. Everette maintains the web site for the cemetery and also has a cemetery blog where he post stories of the individual Civil War Veterans that are interred there. He also has researched those veterans and created a separate site to list them, their unit and the units history. He is also the webmaster for the "Military Order of the Purple Heart" Chapter 190, located in Allentown. Additionally he maintains sites for several Internet friends that he has never met. During the spring and summer months, Everette spends several days a week in the Union & West End Cemetery cutting grass in addition to helping the Board of directors manage the cemetery affairs.

Everette is a widower with two grown daughters and four grandchildren, who he idolizes. Everette lost his beloved wife, Nancy on January 2, 2001, to cancer. Although at various times he has lived in Memphis, Tennessee; Little Rock, Arkansas; Houston, Texas; and Maywood, Mississippi; he has resided in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area since 1968.

Everette Carr - August 1, 2007
August, 2007


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