Attala County, Mississippi


Suggs Cemetery
Attala County, Mississippi

Location: T13N-R4E-S11
Located in southwestern part of the county on the old Attalaville-Goodman road, on top of a high hill, across the road and directly east of Victor Donald's home, about 3/4 of a mile from the new road - think it is on Mr. Donald's property. This cemetery is not accessible by automobile. It is a rather large plot containing numerous graves marked with field stones and also three or four graves marked with mounds of cement with sea shells impressed into the cement. Copied 3 Sept 1960 by Claude B. Ken Carter of Kosciusko.

Manda CAIN, Nov 4,1859 - Mar 12,1888, wife of W.H.Cain
John G. CAIN, Jan 21,1821 - June 24,1885 Father *
Margaret Allis CAIN, Nov 12,1827 - Sept 19,1871 Mother *
John McBRIDE, 9 Miss Regt C.S.A.
David Napeleon JONES, Sept 6,1864 - Mar 28,1884, son of Joseph & Jane Jones
Sarah E. WHITE, Dec 4,1817 - June 1892, wife of W.E.(?) White erected by her son John Dew
John DEW, Apr 4,1837 - Mar 19,1913
Mary Ann DEW, Dec 12,1833 - Feb 21,1899, wife of John Dew
Thomas DEW, Aug 30,1808 - Oct 29,1857, son of James G. & Henrietta Dew
Sarah A. Margaret SUGGS, died June 9,1869, aged 15 yrs 29 days
Rolling SUGGS, died Apr 24,1870, aged 35 yrs 2 mos 15 days
J. J. CULPEPPER, Nov 15,1858 - Sept 28,1894, son of J.R.& D.E.Culpepper
Oscar McBRIDE, died June 7,1954, aged 71 yrs 11 mos 21 days
George Presley McBRIDE, died June 28,1933, aged 81 yrs 11 mos 16 days
Josephine McBRIDE, died Dec 10,1919, aged 59 yrs 8 mos 7 days
Olivia McBRIDE, died Dec 5,1894, aged 7 mos 16 days

Abbreviations Used:
( )     Information not on tombstone but added by historians
*      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
#      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
(F.H.M)     temporary Funeral Home Marker
Grave     Noticeable grave without a tombstone
grave - F.H.M.     Noticeable grave with unreadable Funeral Home Marker
(M.E.)     Masonic Emblem on the tombstone
(E.S.E.)     Eastern Star Emblem on the tombstone
(W.O.W.E.)(W.O.W.)  Woodsman of World Emblem on the tombstone



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