Attala County, Mississippi


Attala County, Mississippi

Location: T13N-R4E-S1
Travel west from Kosciusko on Hwy 12 to crossroads one mile from Durant bridge; turn left following main road, keeping to right, crossing railroad tracks and crossing the new concrete bridge over Long Creek, turning left at first road and turning right at next road, continuing to top of hill. The church and cemetery are beside the road on the left. Copied 26 Feb 1961 by Claude B. Ken Carter.

This church and cemetery are sometimes referred to as the Stump Bridge Baptist Church and Cemetery.

Vardaman C. BISHOP, June 15,1903 - May 8,1930
Viola C. BISHOP, Aug 12,1903 - Sept 30,1945
Kate J. BISHOP, Nov 27,1873 - Jan 22,1952 *
William T. BISHOP, July 22,1867 - Nov 22,1940 *
Sallie Frances HERRIN, Oct 25,1899 - Oct 4,1901, dau of A.S.J. & C.A. Herrin
Infant dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. WADDELL, b & d Nov 28,1927
Eleanora WADDELL, Sept 2,1913 - Apr 1,1928
Robert W. MALONE, Sept 23,1877 - Mar 19,1949
Miles W. MALONE, CO D 5 Miss Inf C.S.A.
Katie MALONE, Jan 1,1910 - July 1,1912
W. H. CAIN, Feb 22,1854 - July 30,1916
Anna E. CAIN, Dec 26,1868 - July 25,1912, wife of W.H. Cain
Elmer E. CAIN, June 10,1911 - May 18.1913, son of H.D.& S.P.Cain
A. B. C. CAIN, Mar 26,1900 - Oct 15,1918
Emma Dee LUCAS, Mar 24,1902 - July 14,1903, dau of J.W. & E.R. Lucas
J. M. CALDWELL, July 24,1846 - Mar 25,1914
Mary A. Jenkins CALDWELL, Jan 11,1849 - July 18,1926, wife of J.M.Caldwell
Mary McBRIDE, Apr 15,1911 - July 2,1912, dau of W.R. & Louise McBride
L. V. DUE, Feb 16,1870 - Feb 15,1899, wife of B.J.Due
Salvie O. DUE, Sept 1,1898 - Feb 21,1899, son of B.J.& L.V.Due
James Henry SMITH, died Dec 7,1952, aged 79 yrs 7 mos 9 days (F.H.M.)
Annie Jane SMITH, Feb 18,1900 - Sept 7,1907, dau of Henry & Purity Smith
Lila Dew CULPEPPER, Jan 27,1870 - Dec 6,1946 *
Joe R. CULPEPPER, Dec 17,1862 - Jan 26,1919 *
A. L. CULPEPPER, July 5,1895 - Aug 4,1905, son of J.R.& D.E.Culpepper
M. E. CULPEPPER, Apr 2,1908 - Mar 15,1909, son of J.R.& D.E.Culpepper
J. R. CULPEPPER, Jan 8,1910 - July 12,1912, son of J.R.& E.A.Culpepper
Sarah Due CULPEPPER, Nov 17,1864 - Apr 2,1941 *
W. Burton CULPEPPER, May 4,1857 - Nov 1,1913 *

Note: The following were additions included in Anne Hughes Porter's book A Place Called Sallis:

Madison T. BISHOP, 20 July 1899 - 17 Feb 1977
Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie BURRELL
Infant dau of Dodd and Pearl CAIN, b & d 15 June 1923
Infant son of Dodd and Pearl CAIN, b & d 7 Jan 1929
Infant child of Sam and Myrtis B. CAIN
Lucille CALDWELL, 25 Jan 1908 - 1 July 1911
Aurie CULPEPPER, 1892 - 1917
Walter CULPEPPER, 1886 - 1935
Poly DEW
Angie HORNE, 16 Feb 1916 - 16 Dec 1918
Bessie LUCAS, child of Andrew and Allie Lucas
Booster LUCAS, child of Andrew and Allie Lucas
Ethel LUCAS, child of Andrew and Allie Lucas
Grace LUCAS, child of Andrew and Allie Lucas
Elbert Culpepper McBRIDE, 10 Feb 1910 - 14 July 1962
Three infant children of Mr. and Mrs. Quitman McBRIDE
Three infant children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBRIDE
John Quitman McBRIDE, 21 Dec 1879 - 16 Feb 1962
Margaret Culpepper McBRIDE, 11 Oct 1882 - 27 Nov 1943
James Lamar SMITH, 22 Feb 1914 - 16 Feb 1973
Purity Allen SMITH, 5 April 1878 - 22 Dec 1969
Infant dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. I. WADDELL, b & d 28 Nov 1927

Note: In checking a Deed of Trust entered into by my gr-gr-aunt and uncle, Margaret Carter and John Lewis and C.J. Hanks, I happened to find the following:

Attala Co.,Miss.,Deed Bk. GG, p.408, Dec 7,1889, deed of 2 acres of land in SE 1/2 of Sect.1,Twp 13, Range 4E, to J.M.Colwell, H.D.Colwell, and Sam Allen, Trustees of Stump Bridge Baptist Church for the sum of one dollar and signed by John Due. Acknowledged before E.L.Carnes,J.P., Dec 10,1889, at 2 1/2 o'clock, recorded Dec 10,1889, by Thomas Land, Deputy Clerk.

Notice this deed gives the name of the church as STUMP BRIDGE instead of STUMP RIDGE as some of the local people call it, and also gives the approximate age of the church. Also, take notice of the difference in the spelling of Caldwell on the tombstones and of Colwell in the deed. Also notice difference in spelling of the name Due and Dew on the tombstones. Claude B. Ken Carter.

Abbreviations Used:
( )     Information not on tombstone but added by historians
*      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
#      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
(F.H.M)     temporary Funeral Home Marker
Grave     Noticeable grave without a tombstone
grave - F.H.M.     Noticeable grave with unreadable Funeral Home Marker
(M.E.)     Masonic Emblem on the tombstone
(E.S.E.)     Eastern Star Emblem on the tombstone
(W.O.W.E.)(W.O.W.)  Woodsman of World Emblem on the tombstone



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