Stuckey Family Bible


The following is a record of births, marriages, and deaths from the Stuckey family Bible. The earliest entries were probably made by Laura England Stuckey, wife of William Wilson Stuckey. The pages are very fragile, yellowed, and taped, but the writing is legible.

Martha Boggs submitted the Stuckey Family Bible record. To contact  Martha Boggs , click on this link.


William Wilson Stuckey was born June the 9 A.D. 1853
Laura Stuckey his wife was born September the 15 A.D. 1856
Dora Elvira Stuckey was born November the 15 A.D. 1875
Maud Breckinridge Stuckey was born October the 29 A.D. 1876
William Wilson Stuckey, Jr was born July the 28 A.D. 1878
John Newland Stuckey was born Dec the 9 A.D. 1880
Perry Djalma Stuckey was born April the 5 A.D. 1886
Mary Ella Stuckey was born July the 15 A.D. 1883
Mattie Laura Stuckey was born Oct 27th A.D. 1889
Lena May Thornton was born A.D. May 6th 1895
These next two in a different and later hand:
John D. Stuckey, born Feb. 10th 1910
Clarice June Stuckey, born May 2nd, 1932


William Wilson Stuckey & Laura England was married January the 7 A.D. 1875
William W. Stuckey Jr & Clara B. Long were married Feb the 11th A.D. 1904
Elvie Thornton & Maude Stuckey married Dec. 24th A.D. 1893
Ella Stuckey & Ben Cox married May 25th A.D. 1903
Morris Thornton and Laura Stuckey (no date)
John D. Stuckey & Beatrice Brashier married Dec. 25th A.D. 1930 (in different and later hand)


Dora Elivry Stuckey died November the 24 A.D. 1875
William Wilson Stuckey died December 7th A.D. 1890
John Newland Stuckey died Sept 5th 1896
Maud B. Stuckey Thornton died March 16th 1897
Laura Stuckey Thornton died Feb. 1 1922
Laura wife of W.W. Stuckey Sr died May 28 1924


Submitted by Martha boggs,  8 February 2003


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