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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,Oct. 18, 1979


Stingley Family Is Outlined

By Joyce W. Sanders

  Referring to last week's column, the wife of John Michael Sulton was Elizabeth Bickley, instead of Rickley. Also the first three Beauchamp boys are nephews of William, instead of sons. Now, on to the other ancestors of Kelly Beauchamp.
  William Stingley came to Charleston, South Carolina around 1783 to fight in the War. He was married around 1785 and had one daughter and four sons. Sophie, who was never married, died in 1848 and was the first person to be buried at New Hope Lutheran Church here in Attala.
  The Stingley boys were: Jacob, George, Frederick and John. John died around 1839 and is buried at Chapin, South Carolina. His children were: Mrs. Jesse Morgan, Lou Ann and the Rev. James Stingley. Mrs. Morgan is buried at Betheden in Winston County, Mississippi. Lou and the Rev. James are buried at New Hope.
  Direct descendants of these people are still very active in this church; namely, the Dubards, Yarbroughs and Coffeys.
  Frederick Stingley and sons, Sarl, John and Levy are buried at Harmonia here in this county. George Stingley moved to Morton, and he and his son Henry are buried there. His other son James is buried at Pelahatchie, Mississippi.
  Jacob, the other son of William, was born in South Carolina on April 3, 1795; he died in 1848 and is

buried in the Murphy Cemetery. On August 1, 1822 he married Anna Barbara Derrick. She was born November 7, 1799 and died April 20, 1885. They had at least eight children, two dying young. 1. Anna Elizabeth born July 23, died September 20, 1839, at the birth of her son, Jacob. She had been married December 6, 1838, to David D. Lybrand. David and John Jacob came on to Attala with the Stingleys. 2. David William born February8, 1828, and married January 22, 1857, to Priscilla R. Kelly. 3. Caroline Margaret born February 18, 1830, and married December 2, 1847, to William C. Dubard. 4. Sabina Rebecca born February 19, 1833, and married in January 1853 to Allen T. Dubard. 5. Edward (Edwin) Henry born on December 21, 1836, died in 1861, was never married. 6. Charlotte Sophie born May 22, 1837, died December 22, 1861, and married December 22, 1856, to Christopher Bernhard.
  The Stingleys were noted for the making of sourkraut. When Jacob came to Attala in 1842, he brought his kraut machine. Kelly Beauchamp has it today and it is still in pretty good condition. He also has the old dinner horn and the trunk of Jacob; these two articles also making the trek from South Carolina to Mississippi.
  In 1783 John Frederick Dubbert came from Switzerland to Charleston, South Carolina as a Lutheran minister. There he married Emily Danger and they had one son William Dubbert.
  Somewhere along the line Dubbert has become Dubard. William married Elizabeth Hameter and had five children. William and Elizabeth are buried at Columbia, South Carolina. The children were: 1. Adam, who lived and died there in South Carolina. 2. William Jr. moved to Grenada. 3. Elizabeth married Robert and is buried at Charleston, South Carolina. 4. Nancy married James Kelly and is buried at Grenada. 5. Phillip moved to Sallis. He was born June 14, 1795, died 17 October 1870 and married Mary Henrietta Benhard, born January12, 1797 and died October 21, 1872.
  They were the parents of 11 shildren: 1. Louisa Frances, born 1820 and died 1821 in South Carolina. 2. William Christopher born January 5, 1822 and married December 2, 1847 to Caroline Stingley. 3. John James born September 1823 and married to Emaline Ellington, who was born in 1827 and died 1900. 4. Allen Turner born April 5, 1825 and married January 1853 to Sabina Stingley. 5. Sarah Ann Elizabeth born April 8, 1827, died November 19, 1859 and married to Rev. George Morgan.
  Solomon Fletcher born in 1829 and died in 1844. 7. Louisa Margaret born March 1831 and married in Carroll, Mississippi on November 11, 1853 to William Cannon Lewis. 8. George Wesley born in 1833 and died around 1912 and was never married. 9. Henry David born 1834 and died 1838. 10. Phillip Capers born in 1839 and died in 1865. 11. Mary Syble born April 1837.


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The above article appeared in the October 18, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.


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