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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,June 21, 1979


Scarboroughs Were Attala Pioneers (Part 2)

By Joyce W. Sanders

  Editors Note: This is the conclusion of an account of the Scarborough family which began in last week's column. Descendants of the family are listed.
  1. James Richardson Scarborough married Malinda Sellers and both are buried at Pleasant Hill cemetery in Attala. Children are Abner Watkins, James Franklin, Isaac Newton, Elizabeth Ann and Sophie Sonora, who married James Samuel Wright.
  2. Abner Rasberry Scarborough married Ruth Greer Talbot and he died in Sumpter County, Alabama. Children are James T., Alice G., Ann C., John H., William H., Abner Porter and Maramda Scarborough.
  3. Isaac Watkins Scarborough married Lucy Garnett Harrison. Both are buried in Kosciusko. Children are Otis Woodbury, Othelle C., Ida Comora, Otrano Harrison, Overton Davis, Fenton Garnett, Isaac Jr., Newton John, Soule Simmes, Dolla Pink, Willie Precious and Lucy Lee Scarborough.
  4. Lawrence Rasberry Scarborough married Caroline P. Meredith. Children are Ann (Nancy), Sarah E., Mary S., Alice and William Scarborough. This is the line of Mrs. Schexnayder.
  5. Susan Parker Scarborough married Dr. Newton Harrison. Both

are buried in this county. Children John P., Flora Anderson (Florence) who was the mother of Tom Love. Nancy Margaret who was the grandmother of Dr. Houston Hines and Lucy Jane Harrison. Hudson Palmer was also a descendant of this line.
  6. John Watkins Scarborough, MD, married Martha E. Harrison Carter. Both are buried in Kosciusko and had no children but reared M. T. Boswell.
  7. Martha Andrews Scarborough married James E. Rainey and are buried in Kosciusko. They had three children. Two are John W. Rainey and Thomas F. Rainey.
  8. Joab Lane Scarborough married three times. He was a preacher. Children were by the first wife. Frances Elizabeth Adeline Winters, and are Seawood S., Athalene Ermine Inez, Della L., Joab Jr., Eugene Walter and Frances Winfield, who was the grandfather of Don and Jim Scarborough.
  9. Nancy Elizabeth Scarborough married Amzy P. Boyd.
  10. Cassandra Scarborough born in North Carolina on July 26, 1824.
  11. Zillah Scarborough born in North Carolina on Feb 25, 1826.
  12. Samuel Ruffin Scarborough married Miriam E. Greenlee. They were the parents of John W. Scar- borough who married in Attala and then went to Texas. Julia Irene who married William Perry Rigby,
Nannie Margret Ellena who married Norman Fields Guess. Artemus Lafayette who was a renowed minister in Texas and was the father of Walter Greenlee Scarborough of Lakewood, Ohio, and Mariane Elina (Laura) who was the wife of Joseph Rigby.
  13. William Darcy (Jesse) Scarborough born 1828 in North Carolina.
  14. Thomas Tartt Scarborough born in 1830 in North Carolina.
  15. Mary E. Scarborough married Thomas B. Hight and both are buried on Hwy 43 in Attala County. Children were Charles Thomas, Henry Edwin, Ella M., who married Zacharia Bailey, Willie Lee Hight and Grace Hight.
  16. Newton Jasper Scarborough born in Alabama.
  17. Franklin Rasberry Scarborough born in Alabama.
  18. George Washington Scarborough born in Alabama.
  19. Babee Scarborough born in Alabama.
  20. Peter Scarborough.
  21. Sarah Scarborough.
These last two are listed as being born in Alabama in 1826 and 1828 by "Southern Kith and Kin." These do not fit smoothly. Can anyone clean this up for us?
  Hoping to hear from other Scarborough descendants before or by Scarborough day. The address is Box 127, Kosciusko, MS 39090

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The above article appeared in the June 21, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.

Scarborough Day was held on August 23, 1979 and a follow-up article appeared under the banner "Historical Happenings" in the Star-Herald of September 6, 1979. This will be the subject of a future posting on the ALHN Attala County web page.


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