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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,June 14, 1979


Scarboroughs Were Attala Pioneers

By Joyce W. Sanders

  On April 30, 1913, the DAR marker was unveiled on the Kosciusko Public School ground on the corner of Natchez Street.
  The speaker for this occasion was the Rev. Joab L Scarborough, who was born in North Carolina on July 17, 1822. He emigrated with his parents by way of Alabama to Mississippi in 1837 and arrived here in the spring of 1838. Kosciusko, at this time, was called Red Bud Springs.
  In his conclusion the Rev. Scarborough states, "I am not only a son of the American Revolution, but my people were pioneers in the battle against English despotism and were fighting against English Tyranny even prior to the American Revolution. My grandfather, James Scarborough, of the royal family of Wales, an exile from his country,

was an officer in the Revolutionary War, fought in the battle of Bunker Hill and all through the struggle for Independence...I feel today as if I were the only last link that remains to connect this present generation with that pioneer generation...What was once a wilderness of savage men is now a beautiful land of civilized and prosperous people."
  The Scarboroughs were a prolific people. Major James Scarborough was supposedly married five times and fathered 25 children. The head of the Attala County Scarboroughs was the son of James Scarborough and his third wife, Penelope Eason. This was John Rasberry Scarborough, who was married to Nancy Elizabeth Watkins in 1812 in North Carolina. He was the father of 21 children...15 born in North Carolina and the rest in Mississippi.   These people have done much toward the settling and helping
Attala County grow economically, educationally, culturally, physically and spiritually.
  Of the children of John Rasberry Scarborough there were two lawyers, a preacher, a doctor, several farmers, educators and soldiers. My information has been compiled from the book "Southern Kith and Kin," Volume III, information given me by Mrs. Mattie L. Dewberry, Walter G. Scarborough, Mrs. F. Schexnayder and other descendants. These records are far from complete and so we are listing here a list of these 21 Scarborough children in the hopes that their descendants will get in touch with us and we might have a complete file. Also a Scarborough day is being planned by the Historical Society on August 23 to honor these pioneers of Attala County and their descendants.
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