Rufus F. Carnes

Rufus F. Carnes Obituary
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July 1900

Rufus F. Carnes, son of E. L. and M. A. Carnes, was born in Attalaville, Miss., Aug. 10. 1862, was reared near Sallis, Miss; until he attained his majority. Aug. 24, 1881, he was happily married to Miss Nellie Wilson, of Kosciusko, Miss.

All the years of his married life were spent in the employ of R. R. Co., where he was always faithful in the discharge of his duties, leaving a record few men who follow that work do, having worked for twenty-one years and was never suspended or discharged.

In May of this year, he went to Cuba, Ala., where he was employed as station agent by the A. G. S. R.R. There he only remained two months, one half of this time being spent on a bed of suffering with Typhoid fever, until July 1, when the Master whom be served, said, "It is enough, Come up higher."

By his death, a loving wife is left a widow, four children bereft of a father's watchful love and care, a dear old father, four brothers and a sister, and many relatives and dear friends are left "for a time."

The record is brief, but within it is solved the mystery of life and death, a soul has been sent into the world, a message has been delivered, for none ever came in vein, and the messenger recalled." To the parents came a message of love and hope, thanks to Him who gave joy and comfort to their heart; for he was to them a dutiful son, a loving companion and play fellow to the borne circle. The grief of wife and children attest the love and admiration with which he was enshrined within their hearts. What though troubles and sorrows came – for the circle has been broken, and one tiny bud now blooms in Paradise – the loving helpful presence of their protector was left, a strong arm on which to lean, that now has been taken away. Baby hands were beckoning, a mother’s voice was calling and the Father said, “Come.” He is gone, but the influence of his life, like the setting sun, leaves rays of love light behind, which being reflected by the lives of those “left for a season,” will continue to shine “until the day break and the shadows flee away.” Dark may seem the way, the cry of hearts sore and heavy laden may be:

Lead, kindly night, amid the encircling glow, the night is dark, --

“Dear ones, “The cross that He gave may be heavy, But it ne’er outweighs his grace,” and by faith will come to power to say, So long, thy power will lead me on o’re moor and fen, o’re crag and torrent, till the night is gone, And, with the morn, those angel faces smile, which I have loved so long, and lost awhile.”

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