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Attala County, Mississippi

In Attala County as in many counties in the mid to late nineteenth century, the county was governed by a group known as the Board of Police. One representative from each of the five beats within the county served on the Board of Police. One of their duties was to hire citizens of the county for the purpose of maintaining the many roads that spider-webbed their way through the county. Small segments of the various roads would be apportioned to willing indiviuals that performed routine maintenance to keep their portion of the road in good repair.

The indiviual citizens appointed to road maintenance crews would serve in that capacity for a period of one year. Anywhere from three to six individuals would be assigned to a particular road or some portion of a road. From among these, one of their number would be selected as the overseer. The citizens, thus appointed to a road crew, would be compensated at a set rate from the county coffers.

At some point in the latter part of the nineteenth century the designation as Board of Police was changed to Board of Supervisors. The two extracts that follow are from the records maintained in the County Courthouse at Kosciusko, Mississippi. These extracts from the county records were submitted by Martha Boggs:


Kosciusko & Vaiden              Road No. 79

Nine mile post		
To Five mile post

Overseers When Appointed
T.B. Tarver March 1879
T.B. Tarver March 1880
John Vinson March 1881
Sam Williams no date
Fletcher Grayham March 1883
Thos Holland March 1884

Names of those that served on the road maintenance crew for this four mile section of Road No.79 at various times between 1879 and 1884 is as follows:

Burl Conner,  William Conner,  John Conner,  Charlie Conner, W. F. Holland,  B.F.Gentry,  Thomas Holland,  Cato Harris,  John Vinson,  Charlie Thompson,  Frank Jentry,  Lewis Cage,  Geb Winters,  Mr. Twitchell,  Dick Lucas,  Lewis Tate,  Sam Williams,  Jim Williams,  Jr Williams,  Jim Bryant,  Martin Cox,  Jake McAfee,  Jake Hull,  House McAfee,  Ned Hull

West Station            Road No. 9

Pole branch 3 ½ miles of Kosciusko	Musselwhite place

Overseers When Appointed
Wm Croft March 1879
John Bowers March 1880
R.J. Hubbard March 1881
W.N. Stuckey Febry 6 1882
W.W. Stuckey ? 1882
J.W. Bowers March 1883
Roland Tarver(?) March 1884

Names of those that served on the road maintenance crew for this 'Pole Branch' section of Road No.9 at various times between 1879 and 1884 is as follows:

Wilson Stuckey,  John Bowers,  Trent England,  A.L. Vinson,  J. Byrne?,  J.A. Vinson,  J. Herrington,  J.C. Hubbard,  Kirt (sic) Curt England,  Stonewall Love,  Benj Davis,  Tecumseh Cattrell,   Perry Stuckey,  Ed Manning,  Joe Musselwhite,  Charles Ma….,   John Sallis,  M.E. Cox,   Rubin Hubbard,  Dick Cattrell,  Lunsy Ayres,  Jessie Story, Nelson? Love,  Magor Spain,  Frank Towers,  Jo England,  Josiah McMillan,  Virgil M O’hairn,  Seb Thornton,  Henry Campbell,  Starling Nash,  John Morgan,  Charles? Williams,  John Hubbard,  James King,  Bill Stuckey,  Dock Elmore,  Sim Stuckey,  Joe Towers,  James Harris,  Isaac Cratter?,  Joe Teague,  Tom Sherrod

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