Attala County, Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi


Attala County Reunions, Homecomings & Local Events of Interest

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Upcoming Reunions, Homecomings and events of general interest

All Reunions and Homecomings for 2005 have been held so there is no listing for future events presently.

Reunions and or Homecomings previously scheduled

20th Liberty Chapel School Reunion
Includes program for the 20th Annual School Reunion held on September 24, 2005

Richard and Priscilla Sutton Talbert family
held July 9, 2005.

Descendants of Joseph & Matilda England
Kosciusko - held June 10mdash;11, 2005.

William Rufus Rainey family
held March 19, 2005.

You can submit information about an Attala County Reunion, Church Homecoming, or other Local Event and have it posted here. Please send photographs along with information about the event, the people and the place shown in the photograph along with any other information that would be helpful. Please include your name and E-mail address when submitting photographs or information. Send it to the:


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