Attala County, Mississippi


Officiants at Marriage Ceremony
Attala County, Mississippi
1892 - 1896

The following index of Officiants at Marriage Ceremony for Attala County, Mississippi for the period 1892-1896 appears in the front of Book G' of Marriages of Attala County, Mississippi, Nov.1, 1892 -Dec. 31, 1896. Unfortunately when I copied the transcription at the library the first page containing the A's and a portion of the B's did not get photo-copied. What follows is the listing for pages 2 thru 5 of 5 pages of transcriptions from the Attala County Library.

Book G - Marriages of Attala County, Mississippi, 1892-1896

W. W. Brown (J.P.)

A. T. Buck (M.G.)

David Burney (Elder)

R. C. Galloway (M.G.)

Thomas Cameron (Minister)

M. A. Cannon (Minister)

M. A. Carr (Ordained Minister)

W. M. Commander (Minister)

W. A. Crossley (J.P.)

W. P. H. Day (P.C.)

E. L. Dendy (Minister)

J. N. Derrick (Rev.)

W. A. Dollar (M.G.)

W. P. Dorrill (Elder)

J. M. Dotson (M.G.)

J. C. Eakin (Minister)

S. C. Eastham (M.G.)

L. C. Easthorn (M.G.)

J. G. Ellis (M.G.)

Amos Eubanks ( ?? )

J. F. Evans (M.G.)

W. H. H. Fancher (Baptist Minister)

D. C. Faust (M.G.)

C. C. Gaddy (M.G.) possibly Gadely

J. R. George (Minister)

H. C. Glass (J.P.)

C. C. Golley (Minister of Gospel)

C. H. Gregory (Minister)

A. Griffin (Mayor and J.P.)

G. K. Guess (Elder)

W. A. Hanna (Minister)

T. M. Harmon (V.D.M.)

T. J. Harris (MBS)

B. F. Hayes (M.G.)

R. J. Heald (J.P.)

D. H. Henderson (J.P.)

Joseph Herz (Rabbi)

C. E. Hollis (Rev.)

W. B. Hull (LEMECS)

Dana Jennings (J.P.)

W. H. Kelly (Rev.)

S. J. Kindale (Minister)

A. N. Langley (M.G.)

L. M. Lipscomb (L.N.)

Thomas Lockley (Rev.)

J. C. Long (M.G.)

J. S. McCauley (M.G.)

W. D. McCullough (Minister)

W. P. McCullough (Minister of Gospel)

J. F. McDonald (Minister)

J. A. Mechlin (Minister of Gospel)

D. Mont (Catholic Pastor)

T. J. Moore ( ?? )

J. T. Murrah (Pastor of MEC South)

W. M. Nash (Mayor of Kosciusko)

J. D. Newson (M.G.)

W. M. Noah (Mayor of Kosciusko)

E. H. Notts (M.G.)

R. H. Owen (M.G.)

James A. Pee ( ?? )

J. W. Perritt (Clergy)

J. L. Pettigrew (M.G.)

W. P. Ratliff (M.G.)

E. Reid (Minister)

G. L. Reid (Rector)

G. W. Reid (Rev.)

A. I. Reynolds (Elder)

A. J. Reynolds ( ?? )

H. I. Reynolds (M.G.)

W. P. Rigby (J.P.)

T. M. Rymes ( ?? )

T. N. Rhymes (rev. and clergyman, Elder)

J. E. Roby (J.P.)

J. B. Rook (M.B.S)

W. W. Ross (M.G.)

J. J. Shanks (M.G.)

P. L. Stephens (P.B.S)

W. T. J. Sullivan (Minister)

J. W. Tadlock (Minister)

J. S. Taylor (J.P.)

T. P. Terry (J.P.)

J. C. Thompson (M.G.)

G. A. Thornton (MBS)

S. J.Tindoll (Minister)

W. F. Tims (Rev.)

E. Treadway (J.P.)

T. Wallace (Rev.)

E. H. Watts (M.G.)

J. S. Whisenot (J.P.)

H. M. Whitten (Elder)

W. B. Williams (Minister)

W. W. Williams (M.G.)

D. L. Wilson (M.G.)

J. F. Wilson (M.G.)

Joel F. Wilson (M.G.)

T. J. Yates (J.P.)

NOTE: If some kind soul/researcher visits the Attala County Library or the Attala County Court House, I could use a transcription of the officiants from the Index at the library or if from the court house, Marriage Book G' for the As` & Bs` up to W. W. Brown.

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