Sarah Jane Meggs' Rememberance Book


Sarah Jane Meggs was born on 26 November 1862 near Ebenezer, Holmes, Mississippi. Her father was James M. Meggs (1827—1907). Her mother was Catherine "Kate" Stevens (1838—1901).

Sarah Jane Meggs married Samuel Jackson Brown who was born on 4 December 1861, in the vicinity of Ebenezer, Mississippi. The marriage took place on 18 December 1886 in Attala County, Mississippi. Sarah was 24 and Samuel was 25 years of age.

Samuel Jackson Brown and Sarah Jane Meggs had four children, born near the Ebenezer Church in Holmes County, Mississippi. The children are as follows:

Edna Earl Brown, born 10 October 1887 - died 2 October 1978, married to Winston Andrew Brown on 23 March 1913, Holmes County, Mississippi.

Mary Sue Brown, born 11 July 1889, died 19 June 1925, married to Walton J. Doty, Sr.

Samuel Meggs Brown, born 10 July 1890, died 1 November 1906.

Rex Daymon Brown, born 11 April 1893, died 1 September 1893.

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Sarah Jane Meggs Brown died on 18 April 1893, near Ebenezer and is buried in the Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery. Samel Jackson Brown died on 22 November 1930 and is buried in Oddfellows Cemetery, Lexington, Mississippi.

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Sarah Jane Meggs went by the name "Sallie". The photo at the top of the page was likely taken on her wedding day. The photo below is of Sarah as a child.

The photograph below is undated, but was probably taken after her marriage to Samuel Jackson Brown:

Several years prior to her marriage to Samuel Brown, Sarah was keeping a "Rememberance Book" with the autographs and well wishes of her many friends and family. She began collecting the autographs at age 22 (1884), and stopped abrutly in Novemeber 1886, just a month before her wedding.

The "Rememberance Book is posted here for your review and scrutiny. Twenty-two pages have been reproduced from the "Rememberance Book". You can view them by clicking on the link below:

The Rememberance Book, photographs and information for Sara Jane Meggs Brown was submitted by Francine Brown Ross.




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