McCool Family Bible


Bible Records of
George Cassel and Martha Elizabeth Ward McCool

G. C. McCool and M. E. Ward were united in Holy Matrimony 17 February 1868, Calhoun County, Mississippi
[Note: The ceremony took place at the home of her parents, Holden and Matilda Ward, and was performed by H. O. Wilson, MG]

Lonnie McCool was borned November the 28th 1869
Della McCool was borned February the 27th 1871
Oscar McCool was borned September the 3rd 1873
Walter McCool was borned April the 16th 1875
Ernest McCool was borned June the 30th 1877
May McCool was borned May the 28th 1879   [my grandmother]
Perla McCool was borned May the 26th 1885

Lonnie McCool and Georgie [Georgia] Thomson [Thompson] was married Oct the 5th 1890
Della McCool and Elie White was married at the 22nd 1891 [month not entered]
May McCool and Austin Huffman was married May 15, 1898
Ernest McCool and Savannah Doty was married Feb 12, 1899
Perla McCool and Elcanie Thompson married Nov 25, 1903

Oscar McCool died September the 3rd 1873
Walter McCool died May the 20th 1876
Martha Elizabeth McCool died Dec. 12, 1899
Perla McCool [Thompson] died Feb. 17th 1911
May [McCool] Huffman died Feb. 15, 1931
Lonnie McCool died Dec. 18, 1933

George Cassel McCool was borned September the 17th 1846
Martha Elizabeth [Ward] McCool was borned May the 23rd 1846
B. A. McCool [Benjamin Allen McCool, father of George] was borned October the 10th 1810
Jane [Tatum, mother of George] McCool was borned March [10th] 1811
Holden Ward [father of Martha Elizabeth McCool] was borned September the 6th 1812
Matilda [Therrill] Ward was borned October the 6th 1819

[denotes either corrections in spelling of names or added by me for clarity]

Not included in the Bible entries were:

George Cassel Mcool died 28 December 1941 (bur. New Hope Baptist Church as is Martha Elizabeth McCool)

Submitted by: Marie Huffman Truluck, great-grandaughter. The McCool Family Bible is in the possession of Marie Huffman Truluck.


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