Attala County, Mississippi


The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,June 28, 1979


Attala's Lost Cemeteries Sought

By Joyce W. Sanders

  It is surely the season of church homecomings, graveyard cleanings and days of rememberance...
singings and all-day dinners on the ground with people coming from far and near to talk of the "good old days", which after all is what this column is all about.

  This brings us right back to family burying grounds, which we have heard and which so far have not been located or copied for the future publication of "Attala Burial Places."
  The Trawick Graveyard is an elusive one; Mrs Brownine Carson has searched for it for years to no avail. Yet in 1939, Miss Ruby

Haynes was working on the WPA History of Attala County and interviewing the senior citizens of each community and was told that the Trawick Family Graveyard lay about one and a fourth miles from Bethel Methodist Church across Sugar Creek.

  Another one we are anxious to locate is in the Rocky Point area and was referred to in Miss Ruby's notes as the Old Wiley Green and Kimes Graveyard. Others, which may not be lost which are unknown to yours truly and which we desire to record, are the Hyman Graveyard near the home of Mrs. Katie Cummins in 1939, the Thornton Graveyard back of Harvey Thornton's house and the Dear
Cemetery near McVille.
  There is still the missing Chipley Family Burying Ground, which is supposed to be 600 yards east of Old Salem Cemetery just back of Deliddy Church on the Attala-Leake County Line.
  Thanks to Mrs. Rosalie Conn Eliott of South Carolina for the information on the burial place of Dennis and Frances O'Briant and to Aubrey and Helen Blaine for telling us of four cemeteries as yet uncopied. If any of our readers know of any missing, or presumed lost, tombstones or cemeteries, please let Mrs. Mary M. Fenwick, chairman of the Cemetery Committee, know so they can be included in the forthcoming publication.

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The above article appeared in the June 28, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.

The publication referenced in this article was subsequently published as the "ATTALA MISSISSIPPI CEMTERIES", copyright 2/1/88. The forward was written by Marymaganos McCool Fenwick, Chairman, Cemetery Committee, Kosciusko-Attala Historical Society. The book is now out of print and unavailable. However, a number of Attala County researchers have copies and are willing to do lookups for anyone needing assistance. You can find these volunteers on the 'Attala County Resources' page of the Attala County Genealogy site. The link to this site can be found on the main page of this web site.


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