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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,July 19, 1979


Lloyd Family Is Traced

By Joyce W. Sanders

  From letters written from Thomastown in November, 1857, we learn much about William A. Lloyd, the third child of the Rev. Lloyd. In this letter to his young sister, Mollie, who was a student at Summerville Academy in Noxubee County, MS, we find how much of a family person he was. Also that he had a flair with words as well as a good sense of humor.
  In writing of the dentist, Lee Williams, of Kosciusko, who is in Thomastown a that time, he says, "He is an old friend and acquaintance and is now here doing a quantity of work in that line. He is a great and excellent young man; he is the nearest a complete ladies man of any that I now know of in all my knowledge.He says Miss Mary Jernegan is the idol of his heart and worthiest of all his affections and more than that he says he is going to see her before long." By this I assume that Mary is also at Summerville.
  "Enoch and Freen Williams have gone back to Clinton to school. They appear to regret the hour when they should have to take up their book knowledge and depart for that ten month station; but I think it was more because they hated to leave the Long Creek girls than for other reasons and that I suspect will soon 'ware' itself away from their tender minds."
  He described his future wife, Mary Hardwick Horton, thus: "She is a

very amiable and no less intelligent creature." They were married and William A. Lloyd had died of chills and fever before July 1, 1860, when
  Mary Lloyd wrote to Mollie from Durant where the Horton family lived. Again in June, 1866, Mary writes of her coming marriage to Dr. Henry Frizzell, and that the wedding had been postponed because of high waters. She being in Holmes County and him across the Big Black at Poplar Creek. But they were married shortly for in March, 1867, Mary had already returned to Durant and Holmes County for a visit. She tells of all the trials and tribulations of Reconstruction days.
  Fourth child of William B. Lloyd was Richard Hall who writes from Mobile, Alabama, in March 1858. He did not come to Attala with his father but stayed in Noxubee with Grandfather Levi Lloyd. Richard was a city lover by nature and letters he wrote describe Mibile as the place he would most like to be. However, he does have a certain amount of nostalgia for home. "If I could only be by that good old fire with you all tonight, it seems to me that I would be as happy as a King. I cherish the thought that the wheel of time will continue to revolve until I may have that pleasure." Richard traveled to Texas and back and then became a merchant in Shugualak, Noxubee County, MS.
  But by September, 1862, he is at Camp Little near Baldwyn, MS, and writes to his wife, Appie, and little son, Eddie. Richard's life is tragic.
Son Eddie dies and by May, 1867, he is also a casualty of the war. Appie Amanda Matheny Lloyd is left destitute and dies in an asylum in New Orleans.
  Franklin M. Lloyd, fifth child of W. B. Lloyd, was born in 1841 in Noxubee and died May 21, 1855. Sixth child and first daughter, Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) was born June 7, 1843, and our next column will deal with her connections. For now we will go on to Judson Lloyd about whom I know nothing, except he was born in Noxubee in 1844. His mother died in 1847 and the Rev. W. B. Lloyd married Ann Caroline Harmon who was born in South Carolina in 1823 and was the daughter of Lawrence Harmon.
  "From letters written by the connections we learn that there was no "wicked stepmother role" for Ann Caroline. She was a mother in the truest sense, both to the children of her husband by Mary Hall and to the two of her own. She died in 1910 and lies by the side of her husband in the Sallis Cemetery. Her first child was Ann Eliza born in 1851 and who married Henry Case. Henry was known as "Doc" but we believe this to be a courtesy title, as a letter from Ann Eliza to her nephew, William Enoch Williams, in 1896 says "Mr. Case is traveling in South Carolina selling medicines.
  Henry Case was born May 29, 1848, and died June 22, 1899. Ann Eliza died in 1907 and the Cases lie in the Sallis Cemetery.

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The above article appeared in the July 19, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.


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