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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,Nov. 29, 1979


Lewis, Lawrence Families Outlined

By Joyce W. Sanders   An assumption by me and gathered from census and marriage records is that there were at least three of the Lewis chidren: William Cannon, John and Virginia. Of John I know nothing, other than he was born in 1839 in Alabama. Virginia Lewis was born in 1835 in Alabama and was married in Carroll County, Mississippi, on December 27, 1853, to John Irish, born in 1834 in Mississippi and died in 1908in Attala County. He is buried at Stonewall church, as is his second wife, Joanna, born 1848, died 1922.
  In the old Irish Cemetery here in Attala is the stone of William T. Irish, who died February 25, 1843, at the age of 42 and who is presumably the father of John. John and Virginia had at least one child. George Irish was born in 1856 in Mississippi.
  As stated in previous columns, William Cannon Lewis married Louisa Margaret DuBard and they were the parents of eight. The fourth child was Sallie Wyse Lewis and she was married to a Mr. Lord. This couple was the grandparents of Evelyn Lord Wasson and Jane Lord Bailey. There is a book in the Attala County Library which traces this family. The second child, James Henry Lewis, was born on January

7, 1857. Children of his first marriage were: Willie Tipton Lewis born October 16, 1882; Ora Lois Lewis born October 22, 1887, and Goldie Wadine Lewis born July 11, 1893.
  After the death of his first wife, J. H. Lewis married Beaulah Benton walker on October 8, 1899. To this marriage were born: Clyde Walker Lewis on July 2, 1900; Alma Gladys Lewis on june 27, 1901; Mary Undine Lewis on June 26, 1903, and Nellie Thelma Lewis on March 6, 1905. Undine now lives at Coldwater, Mississippi; Unlce Clyde lives on Love Road here in Kosciusko and Aunt Thelma makes her home with her sister, Gladys, on South Natchez Street.
  Gladys Lewis was married on October 3, 1924, to Milton Homer Lawrence; he was born February 3, 1894, and died January 21, 1966. Homer was the son of William H. and Nancy Jane (Jennie) Dendy Lawrence, the grandson of Harrison and Margaret N. Culpepper Lawrence and the great-grandson of Matthew and Martha Malinda Lyon Lawrence.
  These Lawrences came from Washington County, Georgia, to Attala County. Martha was the daughter of Johnathan having been born in Georgia and Mary in 1791 in North Carolina.

  Homer and Gladys Lawrence had seven children. 1. Buelah Glynn was born September 18, 1925, and lives in Jackson. 2. James William was born July 3, 1927, and on December 23, 1948, was married to Lillie Ouida Ables and now lives at Williamsville. 3. Elsie Clair born March 7, 1929, married Ernest Ferri and lives near Lake Village, Arkansas. 4. Homer Ray born January 21, 1931, married December 10, 1956, to Effie Qujette Dacus, lives in Kosciusko and has a grocery at the Yockanookany River Bridge.
  5. Sarah Nell was born September 17, 1935, and on January 31, 1956, was married in Farris Leo Parkerson and they now live at Clinton. 6. Doyle Allen was born July 14, 1937, was married on August 9, 1958, to Connie Faye Proctor and lives at Houston, Mississippi. 7. Marvin Ronald was born February 18, 1941, and married Martha Kate Pope on April 9, 1961. He is better known as "Pop" and is now sheriff of our county.
  Thus ends my part of the saga of the Stingley, DuBard, Walkers, Lewis, and Lawrence families. Their descendants are legion.

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The above article appeared, as noted, in the November 29, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.


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