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Joyce W. Sanders

  Joyce W. Sanders, a native of Kosciusko, Mississippi, is a former columnist for the Star-Herald newspaper. Her by-line appeared for a number of years under the heading "Historical Happenings". Joyce has kindly and generously consented to the republishing of the "Historical Happenings" articles for the benefit of Attala County researchers. Joyce is a former President of the Kosciusko-Attala Historical Society and continues to be actively involved in researching the early history of Attala County and in the genealogical research of the early families of Attala County, Mississippi. On many days you can find Joyce in the Genealogy section of the Attala County Library.

  A listing of the "Historical Happenings" articles currently available on the web site is shown below. Click on the link to the article you wish to review and then return to this page to make additional selections or simply click on 'NEXT' to go to the next article in the series (they are listed in chronological sequence). Joyce Sanders' articles written for the Star-Herald that will ultimately be available on this site include "Historical Happenings" articles written from March 22, 1979 to April 24, 1980.

  Additional "Historical Happenings" articles will be added from time to time until all available articles are on line. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to read these articles that were so treasured by the Star-Herald readers when they first appeared in print. Now, let Joyce Sanders take you back in time to the early and historical, Attala County.


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