( copied by Ernestine Otis 1966)

At the time that the bible of James David Keen was copied, it was in the possession of Roscoe Keen, grandson of James David Keen. At that time, the bible was worn and in a state of deteriation. Roscoe Keen has since passed away and the bible is believed to be in the possession of his descendants.

The information extracted from the bible of James David Keen was submitted by  June Millwood in July, 2002 and questions concerning these entries should be directed to her.

Albert Keen died 7 September 1918
Henrietta Keen died 1 June 1919
J. D. Keen died 10 April 1920
Carrie Bell Beauchamp died 29 March 1929
Mattie O'Dell died 29 June 1940 (Mattie E. Keen Millwood)
J. D. Keen born 5 May 1842
Melissa Keen born 10 March 1850
Henry A. Keen born 23 March 1867
Joseph W. Keen born 19 September 1869
Mary C. R. Keen born 4 or 14 April 1872
Emily H. G. Keen died 31 December 1873
Christian C. Emmerson died 1 January 1874 (Christina)
James Keen died 20 August 1883
Victory A. Keen died 20 April 1886
Mary C. Keith died 16 November 1886/1887
Elamon J. Keen died 13 January 1887 (Elemon)
Margaret Keen died 24 January 1887
Victory Keen died 27 June 1887
Malissa E. Keen died 15 March 1889

E. H. Keen died 31 December 1873
M. C. Keith died 16 November 1887
Mary C. Keen born 14 Apr 1872
Martha E. Keen born 28 May 1881 (Mattie E. Keen Millwood O'Dell)
Nancy A. D. Keith died 4 August 1905

Mitchell Beauchamp & Carrie Bell Downs mar August 10,1925, Kosciuski (dau of Kattie Keen Downs)
J. D. & M. E. Emmerson mar 15 May 1866 ( James David Keen & Malissa E. Emmerson)
De Aldy & N. E. Keen mar 3 January 1887
Henry Anderson Keen mar Victory A. Robertson 6 May 1885
H. A. Keen mar 11 January 1887 Nancy Jane Robertson (cousin of Victory A. Robertson)
J. W. Keen mar 24 December 1898 Sarah Milwood (Millwood)
J. D. Keen mar 1 March 1891Callie Hutchins
Henry A. Keen mar 20 August 1897Henrietta Wynn Huchins (Henrietta Hutchins Wynn)
Jerry Milwood mar 6 April 1898 Mattie Keen (Jesse Millwood)
Virgy E. Keen mar 19 November 1899 Jim Milwood (James H. Millwood)
Alburt Keen mar 6 December 1913 Dosha McBride


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