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James M. and Katherine Meggs
Attala County, Mississippi

James M. and Katherine Stevens Meggs



James M. Meggs was the son of William Meggs (born 1799 in Anson County, North Carolina) and Mary Tubb, who came to Attala County from Alabama.

From the Attala County Probate Book I, for the years 1858 to 1863, Minutes and proceedings of the Probate Court of Attala County, Mississippi, held in the store house of D. B. Comfort in the town of Kosciusko, the 16th day of August, 1858. Present: E. M. Wells, Judge; J. W. Scarborough, Clerk; Samuel G. Jennings, Sherrif.

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Matthew Tubb, administrator of the estate of Mary Tubb, deceased, made final account, supported by testimony of J. W. Scarborough and James Meggs. A balance of $117.25 is due to the heirs of Mary Meggs, deceased and William Meggs, the guardian of her heirs.

Note: Matthew and Mary Tubb as noted above were the parents of Mary Tubb Meggs, who predeceased her mother in death.

James M. Meggs (born 7 March 1827), married Katherine "Kate" Stevens (born 28 August 1838), on 21 December 1854 in Attala County, Mississippi and they had a number of children as follows:

  • Samuel R. Meggs - born ca. 1855
  • Mary Priscilla Meggs - born 13 June 1858. In 1874 she married Walter Jackson Carnes. Died anuary 1911 in Tampa, Florida
  • Luther Lafayette Meggs, born 13 October 1860 and died in 1918, Colorado Springs, Co.
  • Sarah Jane Meggs - born 26 November 1862. In 1886, Sarah married Samuel Jackson Brown in Holmes County. Died 18 April 1893 near Ebenezer, Mississippi.
  • John Henry Meggs - born 28 July 1864. Married T. B. Moomaugh
  • David Augustus Meggs - born 24 February 1870 and died 12 July 1871.
  • William Glass Meggs - born 22 March 1872. Died 9 March 1958 in Miami, Florida.

James M. Meggs was a member of Perrin's Battalion State Cavalry. In the spring of 1864 this state cavalry unit was enrolled in the Confederate States Army as the 11th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment The unit was assigned to Ferguson's Brigade and saw action in Georgia. Later it was transferred to Starke's Brigade in the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana and ended the war in Mississippi. The regiment was surrendered on May 4, 1865, by Colonel Robert O. Perrin.

Katherine Stevens Meggs preceded her husband in death, and is buried in Sallis Cemetery under the name Kate Meggs.

Kate Meggs
28 Aug 1838 - 1 Nov 1901
wife of James Meggs.

At some point, James Meggs was living with his daughter, Pricilla Carnes, who lived in Tampa, Florida. James died in Tampa, Florida on October 15, 1907 and is buried there, as is his daughter and son-in-law, Walter Jackson Carnes.


The photograph and information for James M. and Katherine Meggs was submitted on Januray 1, 2007, by Francine Brown Ross. Francine obtained a copy of the photograph from James E. Meggs of Oklahoma in the year 2000. Much of the family research is the work of Marjorie Meggs Gowin (1912-1980), daughter of William Glass Meggs. James M. and Katherine Meggs are Francine's great great grandparents.

The original digital photograph has been enhanced to provide a better image.

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