Attala County, Mississippi


1892 -1967

The Index to Marriage Records contains 352 (*.JEPG) images. These images are large and will be slow to load. Please be patient. It was necessary to keep the images large to insure that they were readable. When you locate an individual that is of interest to you, make note of the scan number at the bottom of the page for ease of retrieval at a later time. Or, you could 'bookmark' it in a special folder. Once you begin viewing the images, it might be helpful to set your browser to 'Full Screen' to enlarge the viewing area. To accomplish this, use the F11 key or click 'View' on your toolbar and then 'Full Screen'. To return your screen to its normal size, press the F11 key or click the 'Restore' button in the upper right corner.

The Marriage Index is a large ledger style book. Each image captures both the left and right-hand pages. The page on the left is titled 'DIRECT~INDEX TO MARRIAGE RECORDS...' (Grooms), and the right-hand page is titled 'REVERSE~ INDEX TO MARRIAGE RECORDS...' (Brides). Each new alphabetical section begins with the REVERSE~INDEX (Brides) and therefore the initial page on the left is blank (this is normal and is to be expected). Marriage information is grouped alphabetically by the first letter of the bride or groom's last name. Within the alphabetical designation, the listings are in chronological order (date). Entries in the early years show the date that the couple applied for a marriage license on the brides page only (right-hand side). In later years the date is not shown on either the bride's page or the groom's page. You may see a notation to the effect that "this record began 10/3/64" or possibly "5-5-67 thru 12-68". Thus, in some instances it will be difficult to ascertain the exact date that the license was issued from this index. It will give you the Book Number and Page Number of the Marriage Book in which the entry appears. To obtain the date one would have to consult the actual Marriage Book, but at least you would have the book and page number where the entry can be located. If the court house is not accessible, some kind soul might be willing to look it up for you, a task that would be difficult and time consuming without the book and page number.

Special note: When a date is shown, it will be the date that the couple applied for the license. This is not the date that the actual marriage ceremony took place. In fact, in some instances, there are notations that the license was never returned for recording. In these instances, one could presume that a marriage did not take place.

Marriage Licenses were issued by the Clerk of the Circuit Court to the couple making application and certifying that they were of legal majority. The top portion of the license would be completed by the clerical person at the court house, signed by the Clerk and issued to the individuals. When the ceremony took place, the Justice of the Peace (J.P.), Minister of the Gospel (M.G.),or other individual empowered to perform marriage ceremonies would complete and sign the lower portion of the license and return it to the court house for recording.

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