Mrs. D. P. Bell
(India Ray Bell)

                 MRS. D. P. BELL DIES OF PELAGRA

April 27, 1909                           

     Mrs. India Ray Bell, wife of Mr. D. P. Bell,
died at their home on Third Street this morning
between 5 & 6 o'clock.
     Mrs. Bell, for an indefinite timet had been
afflicted with that dread disease Known as
pellagra. The disease is of such an insidious
character that it may be present in the system
for years before the symptoms develop sufficiently
to permit a diagnosis. The disease is said to
be a result of eating sour corn meal. For years
the disease has been common in Roumania, Spain and
Italy, but has been known in the U.S. only two
or three years. The treacherous insidiousness of
the disease makes it one difficult to handle, as
it may linger in the system for several months.
It first attacks the mucous membrane of the mouth,
throat, and stomach, and possibly the first well-
defined symptom may be found in the erythema or
the superficialrednessof the mouth and lips.
This erythema some time afterward begins to attack
the skin of the badk of the hands and the top of
the feet, producinga dark discoloration, the
affected skin soon beginning to break down and
peel off. The essential features of the disease
is said to be an impairment of and destruction of
the functions of the stomach and the attack upon
the nervous system.
     Mrs. Bell had been under treatment for six or
seven months and Dr. Donald, her physician,
feeling that the case was of such a character as
to interest fellow physicians, Mrs. Bell willingly
assented to his request to call in other physicians.
She said if by so doing her case could be of
benefit to others he might call in as many as he
might think proper.
     Mrs. Bell was a daughter of Mr. J. Scott Ray of
Attala county, Miss. She was born near Kosciusko
in 1867. She was married to D. P. Bell in 1889.
Two children were born to them, one of whom, a
little daughter, is living to mourn with her father
their bereavement.
     Her remains were brought to the home of her sister,
Mrs. J. W. Joplan.
     This splendid lady was greatly beloved here where
she lived for several years before removing to
Hattiesburg. Her aged mother, her husband & a
daughter, besides 4 brothers and 2 sisters survive
her. The tenderest sympathy is felt for the
bereaved relatives of this sainted Christian and
they are pointed to her, God for consolation.


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