The above drawing was created by Jack Olson in 1998 and depicts the County Courthouse as it appeared in 1897.
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Welcome to Attala County, Mississippi

The Director of this genealogy web site for Attala County is Everette Carr and I am here to serve in any way that I can. However, my resources and access to information is limited; I could use your help. Send me what ever you have that depicts life in early Attala County. E-mail me: Everette Carr


My wish for the Attala County Researchers is that y'all locate all those elusive ancestors

"A people without a history is like wind on the buffalo grass"

                                                                              Crazy Horse - Ogala Sioux


"If you can't get rid of the skeletons in your closet,
You'd better teach them to dance."

                          George Bernard Shaw (1856—1950)

In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage--to know who we are and where we came from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness.

                          Alex Haley

Of all the tombstone inscriptions in the cemeteries of Attala County,
my personal favorite is the one that appears below:

William KNOX, Co D 35 Miss Inf C.S.A.

"William Knox, a true friend, a father dear, a kind old grandfather lies sleeping here."

The tombstone for William Knox is located in the Edgefield Cemetery,
in the eastern portion of the county, south of McCool.


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Family Reunions, Homecomings and other Special Community Events will be posted here if we are aware of them. We cannot post information unless someone sends it to us. We need your assistance, Please Help!

"Attala County Church Homecomings"

If you have information about an upcoming Church 'Homecoming' event, please send an E-mail message to Everette Carr. We would like to post all Church Homecomings in Attala County for 2007.

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Mary Ricks Thornton Cultural Center
The Attala Historical Society

Visit the new web site for the Attala Historical Society, brought to you by Everette Carr. (Not affiliated with the Attala Historical Society in anyway.)

History of Bear Creek Baptist Church should be linked here. The site was lost due to server closing down. It will be rebuilt!

Attack On America
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World Trade Center Disaster

Graphic photographs of the disaster and its aftermath

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The 'Attala Chat Room' is a place where researchers seeking ancestors in Attala County can meet, chat, compare notes and exchange information.  The Attala County Chat room is open all the time, day or night, 24/7.  It is requested that the topic be limited to genealogy and Attala County.

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This Mississippi county genealogy web site is mot affiliated with any society or genealogy program or network, National or otherwise. This site is dedicated to the concept of bringing genealogical information to the Internet 'free' of charge.  I am a volunteer and I am dedicated to making this site the best genealogy web site in the state of Mississippi.  I have several state genealogy sites but only in the State of Mississippi. My sites are no longer affiliated with any State or National Organization.  The volunteer 'County Director' for Attala County is Everette Carr.  Everette's ancestors settled in Attala County in the mid 1850's in Beat 2, not far from Bear Creek and the Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Church.  Everette was born in Weir, Choctaw County, Mississippi, raised in Memphis, Tennessee and currently resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Carroll County: Organized 1833 from the Choctaw Cession of 1830, County Seat: Carrollton Choctaw County: Organized 1833 from the Choctaw Cession of 1830, County Seat: Ackerman Winston County: Organized 1833 from the Choctaw Cession of 1830, County Seat: Louisville Neshoba County: Organized 1833 from the Choctaw Cession of 1830, County Seat: Philadelphia Attala County: Organized 1833 from the Choctaw Cession of 1830, County Seat: Kosciusko Leake County: Organized 1833 from the Choctaw Cession of 1830 Madison County: Organized 1828 from Yazoo County, County Seat: Canton Holmes County: Organized 1833 from Yazoo County, County Seat: Lexington Yazoo County: Organized 1823 from Hinds County, County Seat: Yazoo City

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