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The "History Kosciusko and Attala County" is posted on the Attala County (MSGenWeb) web site with the permission and consent of Luckett L. "Lucky" Henderson, great grandson of the author, James H. "Jim" Wallace. All Attala County researchers are indebted to Lucky Henderson for unselfishly agreeing to share this wonderful collection of thoughts, remeniscences, comments and observations on early Attala County. We are also indebted to the memory of James H. Wallace for his keen historical interest in the county of his birth and for his foresight in putting his observations and thoughts on paper for future generations.

As noted above, Jim Wallace published the book, "History of Kosciusko and Attala County", in 1916. This early version included Jim's articles under the banner, "History and Remeniscences of Attala County" and under the byline, "Jim's Letters", which were published in the late 1800's in various newspapers. At one time, Jim Wallace owned and served as Editor, of "The Kosciusko Weekly News". At various times during his career, he was either employed by or contributed articles to the "Star", "The Ledger", "The Kosciusko Chronicle" and the "Kosciusko Messenger." Although he also included in the book a great deal of new content, in the form of hand-written notes, the articles that had been published earlier were included in the book in the form of copies of those earlier newspaper columns.

About the year 1967, Luckett L. "Lucky" Henderson, Jim Wallace's great grandson, published these collective works in a soft cover book measuring 8 ¼ X 13 ¾. The book is protected by copyright protection with all rights reserved by Luckett L. Henderson. Over the ensuing years, the pages of this book, which contained photo-copies of the newspaper articles, began to fade or, in some instances, have become illegible due to damage brought on by age or exposure to the elements. While it is indeed unfortunate that some small portions of some of the articles or pages are missing or illegible, most of the content has been salvaged. Very few copies of the 1967 version of the book exist today. I am the proud owner of one of the copies of this book that has survived, thanks to the generousity of Lucky Henderson. With Lucky's blessing and consent, off and on over the past year, I have transcribed the book or those portions which were transcribable, for presentation on the Attala County web site for the enjoyment, enlightenment, education, and pleasure of all those who have an interest in Attala County, Mississippi and particularly for those descendants that have ancestors that settled in Attala County, Mississippi in the mid to late nineteenth century.

                                   Everette H. Carr

"History of Kosciusko and Attala County", by James H. Wallace,
as transcribed by Everette H. Carr, October, 2004.


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copyright © 1967 by Luckett L. Henderson. All rights reserved.
Published here with express permission.

copyright © 2004 by Everette Carr. All rights reserved.

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