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This is a listing of Attala County Family Websites which contain Genealogy data on Attala County Families. If you have a website which also contains Attala Genealogical data and would like it listed here, please notify Everette Carr, Attala County Coordinator

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AttalaKin's Home Page
Barwick Family Genealogy
 Janice Bivens Home Page (Names of Porter, Branch & Baldridge)
Willis W. Cummins of Attala County  (Homepage of Marilyn Lindsey)
Angelina County, Tx (The Attala County Dunn's)
David Frazier's Home Page (Frasier, Cobb, Poole and Love, etc...)
Thomas Gallaway - progenitor of many Attala County Families  (Homepage of the David Johnston Family)
Hannah Family
Holley Web site
Sara Manning's Home Page
The McDaniel-Ash Ancestral Home Page
Morgan Family
Barbara Craddock Pike   (Wood,Tankersley,McKnight,Malone,Snelling,Lindsey,Cummins,Porter,Threet and more!)
Phil Ray's Place
Linda Steen Moore's Homepage   Info on Steen Cemetery and Steen Murders
Stuckeys, Coxes and Related Families of Attala County
Julia French Wood Homepage
'Out of Attala', The Boyette and McGarrh families  (Marjorie Norris)
A. J. Strahan Family Andrew Jackson Strahan and his descendants
Clan McClellan of Arkansas, created by Jean McClellan-Chambers.  Surnames include: McClellan, Muirhead, Tyler, Grant, Mathis, Scott, Palmertree, Rowell and many more...To access this site as a guest, click on the above link and then sign-in using the user name 'AttalaCo' and password = 'genealogy' (without the quotes). To become a contributing member, contact Jean McClellan-Chambers.
Carr / Leith Family History, created by Everette Carr, County Coordinator for Attala County MSGenWeb.  Of primary interest to Attala County researchers of the surname Carr is the "Carr migration from Virginia to Mississippi".  To access this site, click on the link and then select 'Carr' from the surname listing.
Boyette Family Research Notes, The site includes census information for the Boyette (and other spelling variations) family. This site was created by Majorie Norris.
Hutchison Family of Attala County with links to other items of interest to Attala County researchers. This site was submitted by Ed Hutchison.
Wilson Family of Attala County - Wilson Family members are descendants of Dixon Lee Wilson and Frances Elizabeth Biddle Wilson. This site was submitted by Bill Thompson and created by Donnie "Sonny" Barton.
Meadville - These pages are dedicated to the ancestors of Mary Kennedy Bowlin. The family web site includes Mary Kennedy's Family History database which is the primary repository for the Bowlin family history. Common surnames within this database include Bowlin, Mitchell, Roberts, Moore, Bird, Kennedy, Bates, Jones, Dickerson and many others. This site was submitted by Kendall Bowlin.
Surnames of Southeast Missouri (McBride) - These pages contain information on the McBride Family that resided in Attala County. This site was submitted by Lisa Wichern, the creator of the family web site. Lisa Wichern can be contacted at Lisa Wichern.


If you know of a family web page that contains genealogy that includes Attala County, Mississippi and you think it should be listed here, send an e-mail to the County Coordinator, Attala County, Mississippi using the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.

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