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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,Dec. 13, 1979


Early Churches Are Researched

By Joyce W. Sanders   In its time, Attala County has had many churches. Some are still hanging on, many are very much alive, still others "like old soldiers did not die, they just faded away".
  One of these was Sharon Presbyterian Church, located in the McCool area. The cemetery still has six grave markers, and today is known as the Clements Graveyard. Charles Clements was buried there in 1842; he had been born in 1794. The most recent marker was that of Mary A. Greenlee born February 22, 1830, and died February 3, 1905. She lies beside her husband A. J. Greenlee, who was born in 1826 and died in 1874.
  Also in this place rests James and Malind B. Hubbert and a granson, Eugene Irving. If anyone can fill me in on this church, I'd be most appreciative, as I would like a record of the church for the Attala County Library.
  Another church in which several persons have expressed interest is Shiloh United Methodist Church, which is still growing and has Mrs. Miriam Brantley as the pastor. One of the members, a Mrs. Bruce,

instilled the desire in me to find out as much as possible so that a History of Shiloh could be compiled.
  In seaching the land records of Attala County, I found where Albert G. Green had deeded 150 feet East, West, North and South, beginning at the center of Shiloh Church, to be used, kept, maintained and sidposed of as a place of Divine Worship and Burying Ground. Green has acknowledged this deed in Carroll County on October 5, 1876.
  In December 1873, Albert Green had deeded 35 yards East, West, North and South, to start at the center of the Thornton School House, to be kept, maintained and disposed of as a neighborhood school house for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. This deed was acknowledged at the same time as the previous one. Both were deeded to the trustees of the Yazoo Ciruit Zilpha Charge of the Methodist Church.
  I understand that in 1944 the new church building was moved from the North side of the road and built across the road next to the cemetery. Sure would like to know who the early members were and

approximately when the church was first organized; also I am interested in who has pastored it through the years. This would be a great help in 'Preserving Our Local Heritage'.
  The Center Grove Presbyterian Church and School, which was located southwest of the Countyseat, was built in 1887 by these families: Skeen, Stonestreet, McNeal, Burt, McMullen, Shelley, Ballard, Ray, Pride and Robinson.
  In 1900 the school was moved to the McMullens. Pupils were the children of the above families. The school moved again in 1906 to G.S.P Jordan's and was attended by other children of the local citizens, namely Cabiness, Rickels, Smith, Jordan, Allen, Beauchamp, Jenkins and Bell. Eight years later the school joined forces with, and moved to, the Natchez Trace School.
  Other children attending this consolidated school were: Johnson, Ballard, Burt, Hight, McKinnon, Hanna, Rawson, Perkins, Gwin, Thweatt and Thompson.
  In future columns we will attempt to record other churches and schools.

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The above article appeared, as noted, in the December 13, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.


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