Attala County, Mississippi


Eades Cemetery
Attala County, Mississippi

Location: T16N-R8E-S16
Abandoned cemetery located in an isolated area in the northern part of the county. It is reached by traveling northeast from Kosciusko up the Natchez Trace Parkway to the Berea community. There turn west on the road known as the McCool road, following it past the left hand turn onto the Old Natchez Trace and taking the first right hand turn (north). At Mitchell's store make inquiries. The road is winding and you turn south, then west, then south again going to the old Tolar place where the Hubberts lived until recently, but the house is no longer there. Leave the car and walk west again along a wagon track, cross the creek three times, about five hundred yards past an old home site on the left and a large sawdust pile on the right and up the hill to left in the woods is the cemetery. Copied in October 1958.

EADES CEMETERY According to Mr. John Hubbart and Mr. George Mitchell, the cemetery was begun by a family named Eades who came to Attala County very early, but nothing more is known about them. The land now belongs to the Tolar estate. Just south of a large white oak tree is an unmarked grave where Miss Martha JONES died 1893, dau of Matt Jones and sister of Will & Pink Jones is buried. Beside her is an unmarked child's grave of Martha's niece.

To the south and somewhat west of Martha Jones's grave are gravestones:
Willie PULLEN, Mar 15,1882 - Oct 13,1904, son of W.M. & N.A.Pullen
Nancy A. PULLIN, Jan 30,1855 - July 11,1899 (note spelling)
     (Mrs. Hubbert said she was a HADEN)

Beside the grave of Willie Pullen there is a grave marked with a field stone; just north of Willie Pullen there are two unmarked graves; then west of these two is a grave with a rock marking the head; then a space where there seems to have been a grave and a much larger grave shown by a field stone.

West of Martha Jones' grave is one grave indicated by a yucca at both the head and the foot, another grave with just a yucca at the head, and indications of several adult graves and at least one child's. One grave is marked with two large field stones.

One grave has a tombstone of some material which has weathered so badly that it is entirely illegible, although at a distance there seems to be an indication that the stone read "In Memory Of" at the rounded top of the stone and then two hands clasping.

Note: Mr. & Mrs. Hubbert are the parents of Mrs. Elmo Chapman of Kosciusko.

Maurice Jones of Kosciusko is related to the Jones family and the Tolar family mentioned above - his mother was a Tolar.



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