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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,Nov. 1, 1979


DuBards Among Early Families

By Joyce W. Sanders

   For the third column concerning the early Lutheran families who came to Mississippi from South Carolina, I will concentrate on one of the sons of William and Elizabeth Hameter DuBard.
  William II was born March 17, 1801, near Columbia, South Carolina. His first wife was Nancy Nipper, born in Richland County August 22, 1802.
  There children were: 1. Jacob F. born November 10, 1822; 2. John T. born July 5, 1824, and died in March, 1878. He served as 1st Lt. in Calvary; 3. Zachariah R. born February 9, 1826, and died on October 3, the same year; 4. Charlotte R. born January 20, 1828; 5. Daniel W. born in 1829 and died in January 1838; 6. Sarah Ann born December 5, 1831, and died November 11, 1860; 7. Harriet F. born September5, 1833, and died September 28; 8. William C. born August 19, 1835, and died August 6, 1836; 9. Adam Fletcher born July 11, 1837, and died April 26, 1862, in the first Battle at Shiloh. He was a sergant in Stanford's Battery and was in charge of one of the big guns at Shiloh; 10. Harmon W. was born January 1, 1839, and was in the first company to leave Grenada during the Civil War. He was also the first man to die from Grenada. He died July 27, 1861, just after the first Battle at Corinth. Pheumonia

caused his death; 11. Landon C. was born June 1, 1841, and his mother died at his birth. He served as lieutenant in the "Wigfall Guards," who went out from Grenada in the CSA. He died on September 25, 1910.
  Cynthia L. Walker was born near Columbia, Tennessee. After the death of her father, her mother, who was a Miss Mintree, married a Mr. McCracken. Cynthia married her step-brother, Mitchell McCracken and he died soon after their wedding. She then married William DuBard II in 1843.
  Their children were: 1. Asbury G. born May 16, 1844, and died August 22, 1896; 2. William Mitchell born November 8, 1847, and died March 21, 1916; More on this family later; 3. Anna-no information; 4. Marcellus A. born June, 1858, and died March 9. 1916; 5. Mollie born 1860 and died unmarried in 1880.
  William DuBard II died at DuBard, seven miles west of Grenada on August 13, 1866. His son, William Mitchell, married Annie Beard on October 24, 1872. One of their sons was William Vassar DuBard who married in 1906 Miss Zollie L. Young of Grainger, Texas.
  One of their children is Dr. Etiole DuBard, who was responsible for planning and setting up the speech and language program at the University of Southern Mississippi. Much of the data for this week's column she graciously shared with
me this past weekend. It is gratefully appreciated. Most of these Grenada County ancestors rest in cemeteries in that area.
  Before starting on Phillip DuBard and his descendants, a little of the Bernhard genealogy should be included as background. The first Bernhard who came from Germany to South Carolina was also a Lutheran minister. He liked his levity and was once dismissed from the church for it.
  However, later he became a distinguished preacher. He had three brothers who remained in Germany. One son was the Rev. David Bernhard, who was in Lexington County, South Carolina, from 1835 to 1840.
  One Rev. Bernhard was sent to pastor the scattered Lutherans in Alabama and Mississippi. Perry Bernhard died in Perry Bernhard died in Perry County, Alabama, on October 22, 1822. His sons were Edward M. and Drayton.
  The next Bernhards are brothers and sisters. I am not positive who were their parents. 1. Mary who married Phillip DuBard; 2. John who married Elizabeth DuBard; 3. Louisa who married a Souter in Lexington County, South Carolina; 4. Jacob who lived in Henry County, Georgia; 5. Henry who died in Alabama in 1822. Maybe some person who reads this column can fill me in on just what were the names of the parents.


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