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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,Nov. 8, 1979


DuBard Family Is Outlined

By Joyce W. Sanders

   The information on Phillip DuBard and his descendants came from the family Bible, the Ellington Papers, the census for Attala County and various personal interviews.
  I realize my records are far from complete but would be glad to bring them up to date if any of the readers desire to add to them. These papers will soon be placed in the Attala County Library for the use of interested researchers.
  Before 1820 Phillip DuBard married Mary Henrietta Bernhard. Their first child, Louisa Frances, was born November 20, 1820, and died two months later. 2. William Christopher DuBard was born January 5, 1822, and on December 2, 1847, married Caroline M., daughter of Jacob and Anna Barbra Derrick Stingley. She was born on February 18, 1830. Children born to this couple were: Jacob Drayton, Joseph A., William P., David B., Frederick S. and Allen B. A.
  3. John James DuBard was born September 29, 1823, and was married to Emaline, daughter of Leonard and Susan Boyd Ellington. She was born 1827 and died 1900.
  Does anyone know where this couple is buried? Their children were: Mary E. Dubard McMahon who lived in Florida; Martha L. born in 1849 and married James Brissentine; Charlie, who married a Miss Burnett and lived in Charleston, Mississippi; John who went to Florida and then on west not

to be heard from again; James, no information; Emma DuBard Gibson who lived at Grenada; and Silas A. DuBard born in 1862, married on December 16, 1896, to Bessie, daughter of Johnnie Strahan.   Bessie was born in 1874. Silas died in 1936 and is buried at Shiloh Methodist Church on Hwy 35 North. The only child of Silas and Bessie was Clark Ray DuBard born November 10, 1902. He was married to Aurelia, daughter of Joe W. and Idress Furr Mayo. Their only son was Eugene DuBard and only grandson is Perry DuBard, who married Resa Hodge.
  Allen Turner DuBard was born April 5, 1825 and was married in January, 1853, to Sabina Rebecca Stingley, who was born February 19, 1833. She was the daughter of Jacob Stingley. Allen's children were: John Cristofer, Edwin R., Prostina, Josiah, Silas A., Hattie M., Emanuel F. and Benjamin John Cristofer was born November 10, 1853, was married December 24, 1882, to Ella Schrock and died December 18, 1935. Their son, Ernest Allen was born January 18, 1884, and was married December 29, 1912, to Miss Willie Mary Morgan. Her parents were William Phillip and Mary Pernetta Hooker Morgan. Children of this couple and very active Lutherans are: Mary Ellis Goolsby, Margaret Coffey and Kathryn Yarborough.
  The first child was Sarah Ann Elizabeth DuBard and the sixth was Solomon Fletcher. 7. Louisa
Margaret DuBard was born March 20, 1831, in South Carolina and was married in Carroll County, Mississippi, on November 17, 1853, to William Cannn Lewis born October 29, 1829. Was he any connection to the Frank Lewis who was the first husband of Laura Bernhard? I have been unable to find out who were the parents of William C. Lewis. Children of William and Louisa were: Oscar David born September 4, 1854; James Henry born January 7, 1857; Mary Louisa Elizabeth born November 17, 1858; Sallie Wyse born December 3, 1860.
  William Francis born August 15, 1862; George Wesley born February 25, 1866; Ellennorah born January 14, 1868, and Thomas Kendall born January 16, 1870, as to the family Bible and on December, 1869, according to the 1870 Attala County census. Thomas Kendall was married to Ellie Stanford Walker, a sister to Beulah Benton Walker. She was born on December 7, 1877, and I believe she is still alive and in a Madison County Nursing Home.
  Here I leave the DuBards I still am not sure of all their connections. I do know that their descendants are many. Among them are Mrs. Katherine Foster, David Oakes, Ellen Pettit, the Beauchamps and others. My apologies for not naming all. But no family history is ever complete. Next column will continue with the Lewis family.


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The above article appeared in the November 8, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.


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