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"Mrs. Dena Carnes. The community was cast into a pall of grief and gloom on Wednesday morning when it became known that Mrs. Dena Carnes, the beloved wife and companion of Dr. C. F. Carnes, had passed away during the previous night. Mrs. Carnes has been a great sufferer for a number of years. The skill of the best physicians and surgeons in the land had been requisitioned from time to time in attempts to alleviate her sufferings and to overcome the disease that was gradually wasting her body; but all efforts were in vain. She finally took (to) her bed and for several months had been a shut-in waiting for the summons to come. She had in the past two weeks revived to some extent and on Thursday of last week was brought up to the square in their car to hear the band concert given by the Great lakes naval Station band. Her friends thought then that her days would be prolonged; but, alas, the Grim Reaper was then on his way to her couch.

Mrs. Carnes was a splendid type of Southern womanhood. Her sweet manner and lovable disposition was universally extolled by her neighbors and friends. She was a consistent member of the Methodist church, and was always in her pew at religious services when her health would permit. Nothing afforded her more pleasure than entertaining her friends and pastor in her home. She was a most loving and tender mother and a devoted helpmate. She did many acts of charity and loving kindness that the world know not, for she did not "let her left hand know what her right hand did."

The funeral services were conducted from the Methodist church Thursday morning at 10:30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. E. S. Lewis, of Greenville, Miss., her former pastor, after which the remains were placed in the tomb at the City Cemetery to await the coming of the Lord.

Deepest sympathy is offered and expressed to the bereaved family."

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