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Attala County Photographs

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Kosciusko Courthouse
View of the Attala County Courthouse looking at northeast corner of building. Early 1900's

Kosciusko Courthouse
A postcard view of the Attala County Courthouse.

Kosciusko Square
Horse and mule drawn wagons loaded with cotton encircle the square.

Kosciusko Square
View of East side of Kosciusko town square in early 1900s.

South Side of Kosciusko Square
View of the south side of Kosciusko square in 1940.

Kosciusko Public School
A view of the Kosciusko Public School building. Unknown timeframe.

Church Gathering early 1900's
Help identify the church, the date and the occasion of this gathering.

Ladies Gathering at Church - 1950
A photograph of a large gathering in fron of a church somewhere in Attala County about 1950. Help identify the place, the time and the event.

Leon Turner Trial, Courthouse, Attala County - 1950
Two photographs of Attala County citizens at the Attala County Courthouse for the Leon Turner Trial in March, 1950. Help identify individuals in these photographs.

Baptist Church - Kosciusko, Mississippi
(postcard view). Time frame unknown.

Aponaug Manufacturing Company, Kosciusko
Photographs of the employees of Aponaug Manufacturing Company, Kosciusko, Mississippi in the late 1930's or early 1940's. Aponaug Manufacturing was a cotton mill, one of several that operated in the Kosciusko area.

WPA Project Sallis, Mississippi.
A photograph of WPA Project #616 and the workers that constructed this building to be used as an office near Sallis in Attala County, Mississippi. Time frame not known.

Attala House
Recent photograph of a house located in the northwest portion of the county. House is believed to be in the area where the Ayers Blacksmith Shop was located.

Early-Smith Shop, Kosciusko, Mississippi
A photograph of the Early-Smith Shop (Blacksmith) taken in the early 1900s.

James Benson Early, Kosciusko, Mississippi
A post card photograph of James Benson Early standing in fromt of the J. B. Early Shop in the early 1900s.

Yockanookany Bridge, near Kosciusko, Mississippi
A hand-painted postcard of the Yockanookany Bridge about 1912.

1896 Attala County Board of Supervisors and information on the construction of a new courthouse in 1897.

Catholic Church, Kosciusko, Mississippi

Potts-Oliver Co., Style Show, March 1924 , Kosciusko, Mississippi

Unknown Gentlemen on the Square, Kosciusko, Mississippi

Four photograps taken in Ethel, Mississippi (3 in 1982 & 1 old, undated photo of main street)

A Photograph taken near Ethel - Unknown Event

A Photograph of Ethel's Merchants in the early 1900's.

A Photograph of the Stewards of an ubidentified Methodist Church - early 1900's.

Would you like to submit a Attala County photoraph? Please send the photograph as an attachment to an e-mail along with information about the people or the place shown in the photograph. Identify any individuals in the photograph to the best of your ability and indicate the date or an approximate time frame when it was taken. Please include your name when submitting photographs. Send it to the County Director: Everette Carr.

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