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Attala County in the Civil War

Units Organized in Attala County

In 1863 there were 1,526 men from Attala County serving in the Confederate States Army. By 1864 the number in serice had increased to 1,705 and shortly before the close of the war there were 1,748 serving. These numbers indicate that fully one-third of all white males of all ages in the county were in the service of the Confederate States Army.

The following units were organized in Attala County: (Note: some of the units served as State Troops and were never actually mustered into service of the CSA.)

  •  1st Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co I,  Pillow Guard   (Capt D. A. Ellington)

  •  1st Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co L,  Davis Guards   (Capt Dave Love)

  •  4th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co B,  Attala Yellow Jackets   (Capt John B. Moore)

  •  4th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co I,  Benela Sharpshooters (Capt Robert Middleton)
  •  4th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co k,  Center Marksmen   (Capt Henry Jamison)

  •  5th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment,  Co E,  Capt. Love's Company   (Capt. David Love)

  •  5th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment,  Co I,  Turner's Company   (Capt. G. Paul M. Turner)

  • 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co I,  Minute Men of Attala

  • 15th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co A,  Long Creek Rifles

  • 20th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co K,  Capt. Oldham's Company

  • 30th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co D,  Dixie Heroes   (Capt W. V. Davis)

  • 30th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co G,  (Capt Sam Young)

  • 40th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co C,  Attala Rebels   (Capt R. B. Campbell)

  • 40th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co D,  Attala Guards   (Capt George P. Wallace)

  • 40th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co K,  Campbell Guards   (Capt J. A. P. Campbell)

  • 48th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,  Co B,  Rocky Point Rifles   (Capt John T. Love)

  • Attala County Cavalry,  Independent State Troops  (1863)

  • Attala Rangers,  State Troops  (Capt Samuel Williams)

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