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Calendars, Calendars, Calendars

Looking for a calendar that will give you the day of the week that a particular event occured? You can find it here!

Curious about the introduction of the gregorian calendar and when it came into use? You can find the answer here!

The following links take you to sites devoted to different aspects of our calendars through the ages. All links are off-site and will open in a new window. To return here, just close the window of the site you are exploring.

  • "Calendars through the Ages".  Includes an Overview, Astronomy, History and Definitions. Explains 'Our Year', the seven-day week and includes a Timeline of interesting calendar facts.

  • Perpetual Calendar  View any month or year in the Gregorian Calendar. This calendar begins with the year 1583, the first full year of the Gregorian Calendar. 1753 was the first full year in which Colonial America (then a British colony) began using the Gregorian Calendar.

  • 10,000 Year Calendar (find a date and determine what day of the week. Additional links to other sites including some on what happened on that month and day in history.)

  • Calendar Information (General information on the history of calendars with brief explanations of the differences between the Julian and Gregorian calendars.)

  • Julian and Gregorian Calendars (Explanation of the Julian and Gregorian Calendars)

  • Calendar Conversion (conversion from Julian and Gregorian dates.)

  • Calendar Table, Perpetual Calendar, etc. (Tables, perpetual calendar and other interesting items.)

  • What Happened on Date in History (What happened on a given date in history and other items of interest.)

  • Today In History (Library of Congress web site. Many interesting items.)

  • Western Chinese Calendar Conversion (Convert a date to a Chinese date. I learned that I was born on the second day of the first month in the year 25, the year of the 'Rat', yuck!.)

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