Cooper Bennett Family Bible....In Possession of Bonnie Brooks Reedick.

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COOPER BENNETT born 1st day of (month unknown - page torn) 1802
MARY THORNTON born 9 April 1806
MARY BENNETT Disseast this life January the 13 1877
ELISHA BENNETT was born 29 April Anne Domine 1835
FANAY BENNETT born 24 day of September Anne Domine 1838
MARY JANE BENNETT was born 23 day of May 1842
SUSAN MARGARET BENNETT was born Sept 18 1847

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GEORGE W. BENNETT disseast this life Sep. the 16 1847 age 19 yrs 8mos 1day
SUSAN MARGARET BENNETT disseast this life Sep. 18th 1847
COOPER BENNETT disseast this life December 14th 1849
ELIGA BENNETT disseast this life May 22th 1864 (note - killed in Civil War)
MARY JANE BENNETT disseast this life August 22th 1864

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The following is a transcription of missing pages by David Blaine:

ELIZABETH BENNETT born 29 May 1824
LUCY BENNETT born 29 December 1825
GEORGE W. BENNETT born 17 February 1828
ELIGA BENNETT born 12 June 1830 [spelling note - Elijah Bennett]
RUTH E. ANNA BENNETT born 17 August 1832
JOHN BENNETT was born 1823

COOPER BENNETT and MARY THORNTON married 4 September 1823
RUTH E. ANN BENNETT married 6 April 1842 ?
ELIGA and LUCY BENNETT married 26 August 1847
ELISHA BENNETT and MARY A WEBB married 11 June 1854
ELIZABETH BENNETT and CYRUS BOYD married 23 October 1842

The following three people were also listed:

ELIZABETH M. HALL born January 1829
WILLIAM M. HALL 29 July 1830
GILFORD B. HALL born 6 September (no year)

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