James Polk Chipley Bible Record

James Polk Chipley Bible.... in possession of Elaine Barnette in 1999.

J.P. Chipley was borned the eight day of february 1845
Margaret S. Chipley was borned the eleventh of March 1847 (his wife)

William L. Chipley was borned 15 April 1863
James Lyman was borned 5th July 1869
John P. was borned 25 November 1870
George M. Chipley was borned 5th December 1872
Nancy Hasseltine Chipley was borned 15th June 1874
Margaret Ophelia Chipley was borned 14 June 1878
Edward Theodore was borned 21 March 1876
Retter Smith Chipley was borned 23rd September 1879

Annie Blanche Jennings was borned 6th August 1896
Samuel Theodore Jennings was borned 4 November 1898
Susie Mamie Wooten was borned 21 September 1898
Lorena Chipley was borned 21 February 1897
Bernard Lee Chipley was borned 2 December 1889
Mary Susanna Chipley was borned 15 July 1890
Marcus Claude Jennings was borned 20 November 1892
Ruby Pirl Chipley was borned 2 December 1891

James P. Chipley and Margaret S. Smith were married 15 January 1867
W. L. Chipley was married to Mary Alice Nordin on 26 December 1888
J. L. Chipley was married ti Linie Thomas on 5 October 1882
Tinnie Chipley was married to S. N. Jennings on 9 December 1891

J.M. Smith died 4 June 1888
Susanna Smith died 14 January 1893
James Smith died 24 May 1896
N.A. Snith died 28 June 1896

Submitted by: Joyce W. Sanders, 28 March 2001


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