John E. Murff Bible Record - Hesterville - Rocky Point area, Attala Co., Ms.

Family Record

John E. Murff was b. 19 Aug, 1804
Sarah Maria Kelly Murff was b. 2 Oct, 1818
William Van Buren Murff was b. 4 Aug, 1834
Thomas Fernandez Murff was b. 16 Mar, 1837
Mary Jane Murff was b. 19 Nov, 1843
John Ducallion Murff was b. 27 Aug, 1846
Louisiana (Maria Louise) Murff was b. 27 Feb, 1849
Warren Ezekiel Murff b. after the death of his father and does not show in
the Bible record. He shows in the estate settlement, Book A, p. 223 Attala
Co., Ms. First Book Adm. & Gdn Bond B. Murff and James McAdory named gds. of
Mary Jane Murff, John D. Murff, Louisiana Murff and Warren E. Murff.
John E. Murff and Sarah Maria Kelly m. 5 Oct, 1833, Perry Co., Ala.
John E. Murff d. 12 Sept, 1851 - interred north of Kosciusko, Bethel
Methodist Church Cemetery

Alexander Constantine Murff b. 22 Feb, 1851
Alex married Miss Susie Anna Edwards 20 Jan, 1873 in Vaiden, Ms.
Minnie C. Murff b. 10 Aug, 1875
Brodie Boy Murff b. 18 Sept, 1877 /d. 20 Sept, 1877
Napoleon B. Murff b. 12 Ap, 1879
Maud Metter Murff b. 15 Aug, 1881
Teddie J. Murff b. 24 Nov, 1884
Infant son b. 24 Mar, 1886
Rogers Murff b. 1 Ap, 1888

Alexander C. Murff d. 15 Ap, 1889 - interred, West Cemetery. No marker.
Tradition has it that this was one of the graves covered when the
Presbyterian Church was enlarged. This grave and those of his two small sons were early
interments of the cemetery. The first was in 1878. The 5th interment was
in 1880 when a small son of Mr. & Mrs. Duncan L. Murff was buried in the West
cemetery. See Cemetery Records of Holmes Co., Ms. by L.L. McNess; also see
History of West, p. 38

Levi Columbus Murff Bible Record - Attala Co., Ms.

Father & Mother, Levi Columbus Murff & Sarah Ann Eliza Madden m. 25 Dec,
1838 Robert Fulton Murff & Frances Arledge m. 14 Ap, 1870
John Alexander Murff m. 22 Feb, 1872 to Amy Elizabeth Leinbach

Children's names:
Samuel Madden Murff was b. 6 Jan, 1841
Robert Fulton Murff was b. 17 Oct, 1843
John Alexander Murff was b. 18 Jan, 1846
Levi Columbus Murff Jr. was b. 16 Nov, 1853

Children of John A. & Amy Elizabeth (Betty) Leinbach Murff:
Ardell Lenora Murff was b. 11 Sept, 1873
Samuel Levi Murff was b. 3 Mar, 1876

Ardell Lenora (Della) Murff & Silas Walton Brister m. 3 Ap, 1892
Samuel Levi Murff & Sarah Alice Strahan m. 16 Nov, 1899

Rev. Samuel Murff Bible Record - Winston Co., Ms.

Note: Samuel Murff was born in Fairfield Co., Camden Dist., S.C. His wife,
Sarah Frazier ,was also born in S.C. Four of their children: Levi, Sarah,
John and Frances were born in S.C. Samuel Dorman, Rachel and Julianne were born
in Ga. as were two little girls who died quite young. They were Sophia Murff
born in 1811 and Susanne born in 1815. Three sons were born to the couple in
Ala. and they were: Nathaniel C., Alexander Willian and Sterling Elder Murff.
Levi and Sarah Ann Eliza Madden Murff were married in Johnson Co., Ark.
John, Sarah, Frances, Samuel D., Rachel and Julianne Murff were all married
in Perry Co., Ala. Nathan (Nathan C.), Alexander W. and Sterling E. Murff were
all married in Winston Co., Ms.

Family Record
Samuel Murff was b. 26 Dec, 1776
Sarah Frazer was b. 28 Jan, 1780
Levi Columbus Murff was b. 15 Aug, 1800
John E. Murff was b. 19 Aug, 1804
Sarah Murff was b. 4 Ap, 1806
Frances Murff was b. 15 Ap, 1808
Samuel Dorman Murff was b. 3 May, 1809
Rachel Murff was b. 23 Jan, 1815
Julianne Murff was b. 3 Jy, 1817
Nathaniel Constantine Murff was b. 3 June, 1819
Alexander William Murff was b. 13 Jan, 1821
Sterling Elder Murff was b. 6 May, 1823

The father and mother, Samuel Murff & Sarah Frazier Murff m. 16 Sept, 1798
Levi Murff m. 25 Dec, 1838 to Sarah Eliza Madden

John Murff m. 8 Oct, 1833 to Sarah Jane Kelly
Sarah Murff m. 9 Sept, 1828 to John Peterson
Frances Murff m. 2 Jy, 1829 John Peteet
Samuel D. Murff m. 11 Sept, 1832 to Sarah George
Rachel Murff m. 12 Aug, 1836 to Moses Arledge
Julianne Murff m. 10 May, 1836 to John L. Frazier
Nathan Murff m. 12 Dec, 1843 to Calpurnia Ray Lanham
Alex W. Murff m. 14 Jan, 1841 to Nancy Caroline Avery
Sterling E. Murff m. 23 Mar, 1845 to Susan Caroline Ellison


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