Lamkin Straughn Terry Bible Record - Attala Co., Ms.

Note: The Family Record pages have been torn from the Bible, and the Bible
is lost. The pages are yellow with age and very brittle. Lamkin ( Lampkin )
S. Terry volunteered when in his teens and served under Jefferson Davis in the
Mexican War and rose to rank of Sargeant. He organized "The Long Creek
Rifles" Regiment CSA in Attala Co., at Bluff Springs, Ms.; and rose to rank of Major
when the Regiment was changed to Co. F & S 15th Miss. Infantry, CSA. He
resigned his Commission as Major in the 15th Miss. Infantry in 1864 after he
was elected to serve as Senator for Leake and Attala Co. in the Ms.
Legislature upon advice of his doctors because of health reasons; and he served many
terms and died while in service in the Legislature as Representative from Attala
Co. in 1893. During the War Between the States and while in service, he
rendered much medical aid to soldiers and his diary tells of many operations he
performed. He never attended Medical College and did not have a license,
but he would walk for miles giving medical attention to people in his community
and did not accept any pay. He was a Mason, Baptist and a book "Memorial
Tributes to L.S. Terry" which is in Miss. Dept. of Archives and History tells of the
many outstanding things he did. He was born in Va. - moved from King
William Courthouse, Va. in 1832 or 1833, lived in White Plains, Ala. for a number of
years, then moved to Attala Co. and settled on what was afterwards known as
the Story place. He was the father of eleven children.

Lamkin S. Terry & Martha A. Terry m. 13 June, 1849 (1st cousins)

Lamkin S. s/o Wm. H. Terry was b. 23 Jan, 1828
Martha Ann d/o Joseph Terry was b. 28 Sept, 1834
Mary Susan d/o L.S. & Martha Ann Terry was b. 20 Ap, 1850
William Lafayte s/o Lamkin S. & Martha Ann Terry was b. 19 Aug, 1851
Emma Jane d/o Lamkin S. & Martha Ann Terry was b. 29 Jy, 1855
Lydia Ann d/o Lamkin S. & Martha Ann Terry was b. 14 Jy, 1857
James Warler Edwin (Eddie) s/o Lamkin S. & Martha Ann Terry was b. 15 Nov,
Martha Lamkin Claudiner (Lampie) d/o same was b. 1 Nov, 1861
Sarah Elizebeth (Sallie) d/o same was b. 8 Sept, 1864
Charlie s/o same was b. 19 Sept, 1866
Levinia Mae (Madie) d/o same was b. 20 May, 1868
Julia Wester d/o same was b. 27 Nov, 1870
John Binford s/o same was b. 28 Dec, 1872

William H. Terry f/o Lamkin Straughn Terry d. 29 Jan, 1846
Joseph Terry f/o Martha A. Terry d. 19 Jan, 1847
Lamkin Straughn Terry s/o William H. Terry d. 12 Aug, 1893
Martha Ann Terry d/o Joseph Terry d. 11 Sept, 1897

Note: Although not listed in Bible Record, Levinia the mother of Lamkin is
buried in the Coleman Cemetery, McAdams, Ms. in Attala Co. The inscription
on the tombstone states: "Levinia the wife of William H. Terry - b. 12 Oct,
1805 Va., d. 25 June, 1881" To date we have no proof, but believe Levinia's
maiden name was Quarles


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