Sallie Wasson Moore Crossley Bible(Mrs. W. A.)

Present owner (1961): Mrs. W. A. Mitchell ,her daughter - Ethel, Attala Co.,


Newton Copeland Wasson was b. 14 Jan, 1839
Mary Jane Ratliff was b. 2 Aug, 1845
Newton Copeland Wasson & Mary Jane Ratliff m. 7 Sept, 1865
Sarah Andromeda Wasson was b. 11 Nov, 1866 ,was baptised Sept, 1867 by Rev.
G. Carlisle ; joined church at Liberty Chapel camp meeting in 1867, was
converted at the same place 1877
Mary Eddie Wasson was b. 27 Jan, 1869 ; baptised by Rev. J. F. Carlisle
Zacharia Alexander Wasson was b. 5 Feb, 1870 ; baptised by Rev. J. G.
John Newton Wasson was b. 6 Nov, 1872 ; baptised by Rev. S. D. Terry
Julia Matilda Wasson was b. 25 Ap, 1874 ; baptised by Rev. J. D. Newsom
Eliza Estelle Wasson was b. 31 Jy, 1877 ; baptised by Rev. W. W. Williams
Willie Wasson was b. 10 Aug, 1879 ; d. 22 Aug, 1879
Pickney Lovick (Wasson) was b. 29 Aug, 1880 ; baptised by Rev. K. A. Jones
David Ratliff Wasson was b. 1 May, 1883 ; baptised by Rev. T. Y. Ramsey

Newton Copeland Wasson d. 25 Nov, 1886 ; buried at Shady Grove 27 Nov, 1886
Masonic orders ; funeral preached by Rev. R. P. Mitchell
Sallie A. Wasson & Alonzo A. Moore m. 28 Ap, 1891 by Rev. A. W. Langley
Andrew Alonzo Moore was b. 31 Mar, 1864
Marion Alvin Moore was b. 11 Jan, 1892
Homer Alvarez Moore was b. 11 Jan, 1892
Mary Ellen Moore was b. 9 Oct, 1893
Myra Olivia Moore was b. 21 Jan, 1895
Aonzo Moore was b. 12 June, 1898
Andrew Alonzo Moore d. 10 Aug, 1898 ; buried at Shady Grove with Masonic

All of the five children of A. A. & S. A. Moore were baptised at Shady Grove
W. S. Lagrow 11 Nov, 1902. The three oldest joined the church at Shady
protracted meeting 1903. Myra joined the church 1 Aug, 1905, with Rev. V.
Curtis, pastor. Alonzo joined the church 20 Aug, 1906, Rev. Goad, pastor.
W. A. Crossley was b. 15 Ap, 1864
W. A. Crossley & Sallie A. Moore m. 16 Sept, 1906 by Rev. R. C. Reeves Jr.
Mrs. M. J. Wasson d. 10 Oct, 1938 ,93 years of age, buried at Shady Grove
W. A. Crossley d. 6 Dec, 1945 ,buried at Oak Ridge, funeral services by Rev.
L. McElroy, Methodist pastor
Z. A. Wasson d. 19 Feb, 1946 ; buried at Shady Grove
David R. Wasson d. 14 June, 1947 ; buried at Shady Grove
Sallie A. Wasson Moore Crossley d. 4 Jy, 1947 at the Kosciusko Hospital ;
burial in Shady Grove


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