Joseph & Mary Stevenson Brown Bible Record
Jefferson Co., Ala.

Note: The children named Young are grandchildren of Joseph & Mary Stevenson Brown; their oldest daughter, Winifred, married Thomas Young. Martha Ann Brown is also a grandchild - oldest child of Joseph Martin & Jane Waldrop Brown.

I believe Joseph B. Butler is also a grandchild, but I have no idea what connection Levice Strain has to the family.

I find, in the 1800 Chesterfield Co., S.C. Census, Joseph Brown listed as head of the family with 2 males under age 10, 1 female under age 10, 1 female between 26 & 45, 1 male between 26 & 45. At that time Joseph was 30 years old and Mary was 29; daughter Winifred & sons James & Thomas under 10 years. This was recorded on p. 338. Next door to Joseph was listed Thomas Brown and the third household from Thomas was listed John H. Brown - possibly 3 brothers.

I checked the entire 1800 S.C. Census and found two other Joseph Browns, but their families were entirely different from that of our Joseph. Later Census records show that Winifred, the oldest and John Calvin Brown, the youngest of Joseph & Mary Stevenson Brown, were born in S.C. Hence, I believe that Chesterfield Co., S.C. Joseph Brown is our Joseph. Mrs. Ernest (Billye Brown)Akins (d. 17 Aug, 1961 Kosciusko, Attala Co., Ms.)

Joseph Brown was b. 22 Jy, 1770
Mary Stevenson Brown was b. 28 Dec, 1771
Winifred Brown was b. 15 Jan, 1793
James Brown was b. 26 Feb, 1795
Thomas Brown was b. 2 Ap, 1798
Mary Maria Brown was b. 24 Mar, 1801
Joseph Martin Brown was b. 20 Oct, 1803 (great grandfather of Mrs. Akins. He married Jane Waldrop and both are buried in Ebenezer Cemetery, Attala Co.,Ms.)
William Brown b. 1 Jy, 1806
John Calvin Brown was b. 2 Ap, 1809

Levice Strain was b. 8 Ap, 1809
Mary Louisa Young was b. 3 Nov, 1810
Henry Simeon Young was b. 20 Nov, 1812
Cephas Young was b. 23 Aug, 1815
Mary Ann Young was b. 21 Jan, 1819
Joseph B. Butler was b. 10 Oct, 1822
Martha Ann Brown was b. 26 Aug, 1823


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