Attala County, Mississippi


Boyd Cemetery
Attala County, Mississippi

Location: T15N-R9E-S5
Abandoned cemetery located on what is now land belonging to Cooper Vines. located on the south side of a local road no longer in use. It is approximately three miles west of McCool. All inscriptions were carved on native rock on the sandstone variety and very hard to read. Several large rocks with a smooth side may hae been used as markers many years ago. This cemetery belongs to the John Boyd-Pinckney Jones family. It was copied in July 1968.

J. H. A. BENNETT (no dates)
Jane BENNETT, died 1853
Abigail H. BELL, died 2 July 1856, aged 28 years
Hugh P. BELL, ??? aged 1 year (no dates)
M. BENNETT, 9 April 1806 - 1877 ?
Cyrus BOYD, died 24 ???, 1882
J. M. BOYD, 15 Jan ???
C. or G. DOTSON, died 30 May 1871
........? 23 years, died 30 Sept 1871
Erwin ???? born 20 May 1809

Abbreviations Used:
( )     Information not on tombstone but added by historians
*      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
#      two or more names on one tombstone (double, triple, etc., stone)
(F.H.M)     temporary Funeral Home Marker
Grave     Noticeable grave without a tombstone
grave - F.H.M.     Noticeable grave with unreadable Funeral Home Marker
(M.E.)     Masonic Emblem on the tombstone
(E.S.E.)     Eastern Star Emblem on the tombstone
(W.O.W.E.)(W.O.W.)  Woodsman of World Emblem on the tombstone



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