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Attala County, Mississippi

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The USGenConnect Query Boards have been combined with the Message Boards ( As a result of this merger the new Attala County 'Message Board' has a new look and feel. To assist those that wish to search the new Message Board and for those who wish to post a question on a surname they are researching, the following guidelines may prove helpful.

    Note that you can search the Attala Message Board or you can search all Message Boards in the entire system. The combined Message Boards contain over 15 million messages.

    The new Message Board is actually a number of Boards combined into a single Board. In addition to the normal 'Message Board' where you can post a query (question) and search the previous post and responses of others, you can now post or search the following categories: Queries (default), Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed, Immigration, Lookup, Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension, and Will.

    The additional Boards can be found on the drop down menu once you have accessed the main Message (query) Board. The query board is the default board. You do not have to make a selection to access the query board. It is very important that everyone understand that the additional Boards; Bible, Biorgraphy, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, etc., are intended for posting information extracted from documents or official records or from the primary source, bibles, cemeteries, etc.. Do not post copyright material. Please keep in mind that these boards are not for posting queries. If you wish to post a question about a cemetery, please post it to the query Message Board only. DO NOT POST QUERIES TO BOARDS OTHER THAN THE MAIN MESSAGE BOARD. All other boards are for posting official records or extracts only.

     Since the additional boards were not previously available to Attala County posters, very little or no information is archived there prior to July 8th, 2001. We are more or less starting from scratch with fresh clean boards. Please post data/documents to the correct board. Any query improperly posted to the wrong category board will be REMOVED. Any questions or queries posted to a data board will be REMOVED.

     If you type a surname in the search column and hit GO!, all messages posted that contain that surname will be displayed.

    You can search the Message Board system without logging-in. However, if you wish to post to the Message Board are to post information/data to one of the category boards, it will be necessary that you log-in. If you have an existing user name and password with, you can use that one. If not, create a user name and password for use with the Message Boards. Be sure to remember your name and password. Also, your computer must be set to allow 'cookies'. If your computer is set so as to not allow 'cookies', you will not be able to log-in and you will not be able to post to any of the Boards.

    Creating a profile is a one time procedure. Once you have created your profile, any subsequent update of the information will automatically update the information on all previous post that you ever made in the system. If you change your email, when you enter the new email address into your Message Board profile, the email address for all post in the system will reflect the new email address.

    Links to several 'HELP' sites can be found at the bottom of the main Message Board. If you need assistance, click on one of these 'HELP' links.


The Message Board Archives for the time frame 1996, 1997, and 1998 are arranged in surname order and can be accessed by clicking on the following link.

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