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Benjamin Frasier
Attala County, Mississippi


Benjamin Frasier was born in Campbell County, Virginia about 1786. He lived in the Leesville area in the southern part of the county. The 27th of December 1813, he married Lucy Luster, a daughter of Mary Bailey Luster. Mary Bailey Luster was a sister to David Bailey. David Bailey had moved to Madison County, Ms and died in January 1831 leaving some land to Mary. This land passed to her daughter Lucy and it is believed that this is the reason that Benjamin and Lucy moved from Virginia between 1831 and 1832.

Benjamin and Lucy Frasier first lived in Madison County, Mississippi. There Benjamin's oldest daughter Susan Ann married Thomas Lepard in June of 1834. Benjamin was bondsman for the marriage. Attala County was now open for settlement and Benjamin and Lucy sold their land in Madison County and purchased land in Beat four of Attala County at Newport about 1837.

From Louise Hutchison Dalton's History of New Port, Mississippi, "Mr. Fraisier, Mr. Chennault, Mr. Ellington, Mr. Wilson and Robert McMillian patented, homesteaded and owned the lands until 1854 where the village of New Port was located". "Mr. Fraisier owned the North half of the North-east quarter of section 34 and the North-west quarter of section 35". "Much later this land was sold to the Albin family".

Between 1840 and 1843 Lucy Frasier died and Benjamin married "Belsin" , believed to be Elizabeth. They had four children in Attala County; Sarah, Mela, Henrietta, and Cager (Micajah). Nothing is now known of this wife or these children as no records have been found for them. It is possible they were Native American.

In all Benjamin had 7 sons; Thomas, Charles Henry, John William, Jackson R., David Simmons, Benjamin, and Cager. He had 6 daughters; Susan Ann, Elizabeth Jane, Delilah Eliza, Sarah, Mela, and Henrietta. Benjamin died about 1860-1862 and he and Lucy are buried in the McLean Cemetery in Beat four, Attala County.

Three of Benjamin's sons; John William, Jackson R., and David Simmons Frasier served in the Civil War. Two of them; David S. and John W. served with the Long Creek Rifles in Company A, Fifteenth Mississippi Infantry Regiment.

David S. FrasierDavid S. Frasier and his family moved from Attala County to Webster Parish, Louisiana about 1901. However, there are still many relatives such as Hutchison, Odom, Edwards, Leopard, Roby, Jenkins, and other branches of Frazier still living in Attala County.

The information on Benjamin Frasier was submitted by David Frazier on June 3, 2002. If anyone has information on any of the surnames noted above, please contact David Frazier.

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