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Attala County Roll Call


As noted above, their are two ways that the Attala Roll Call can be viewed. You should first view the 'Surname Listing'. Search through the list for the surnames in which you have an interest and take note of the researchers of that surname. You can , if you choose to, immediately click on the e-mail contact information and send an e-mail to that individual. Or, you may wish to ascertain other surnames that the individual is researching before making contact. From this page, or from the Surname List, you can click on 'Researcher Listing' and view a listing of researchers showing all surnames that the particular researcher is interested in. If you share a common ancestor, you may share more than one.

If you have questions about this listing or have difficulty contacting a researcher, contact the Attala County Coordinator. You will find the link at the bottom of the page. However, the County Coordinator has no information about any of the surnames listed.

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