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Alexander Gowan Family
Attala County, Mississippi


Jesse C. Gowan and his sons
Names on back of photo: Everett, Morris, Will Alex, Earl, Amzia, and Jesse Gowan



As previoulsy disclosed, Alexander Gowan was born in 1816 in North Carolina. He relocated with other family members to Attala County, Mississippi in the early 1830's in an area generally known as the McAdams Community. Shortly after his arrival in Attala County, he met and married Martha Samantha Nichols (about 1834). Martha was born in Georgia in 1817 and is believed to be the daughter of Hymerick Nichols who also settled in the McAdams area with his family in the early 1830's. Alexander and Martha Gowan would have ten chilren, all born in Attala County, as follows:

  1. Edith Elizabeth Gowan   born 20 June 1835
  2. Lott Gowan   born about 1837
  3. Sarah 'Sally' Gowan   born 20 May 1839
  4. Garrett Crawford Gowan   born 2 July 1841
  5. Isacc Gowan   born 10 January 1844
  6. Jesse Cledy Gowan   born 24 September 1846
  7. Mary 'Polly' Gowan   born 4 August 1849
  8. Richard Gowan   born 24 May 1852
  9. Martha Ann Gowan   born 2 July 1854
  10. Alexander Gowan, Jr.   born 28 September 1859

Alexander Gowan died on 28 April 1869. Martha Samantha Nichols Gowan died on 5 March 1891. They are buried in the Ellington Cemetery, not far from Sallis, Attala, Mississippi.

Jesse Cledy Gowan was the sixth child and the fourth male to be born to Alexander and Martha Gowan. Jesse was born in Attala County on 24 September 1846. When the Civil War broke out in April 1861, Jesse was only fifteen years of age. Although a number of men of the Garrett family served the CSA, there is no indication that Jesse served.

Jesse C. Gowan met and married Frances R. Dodd in 1870. He was 22 and she was only 14 years of age. Her parents were W.W. Dodd and Martha F. Teague Dodd. Frances, or Fannie, as she was called, gave birth to nine children, one died as an infant and the other before gaining adulthood. The nine children are shown below:

  1. J. C. Gowan (F)   born ca 1871
  2. Garrett Earl Gowan   born ca 1873
  3. Martha M. Gowan   born 29 March 1875
  4. William Alexander Gowan   born February 1877
  5. Jesse Everett Gowan   born February 1879
  6. Luther Morris Gowan   born October 1881
  7. Amzia M. Gowan   born February 1885
  8. Nellie Gowan   born June 1890
  9. Mary D. Gowan   born 5 August 1895

Jesse C. Gowan died on 6 February 1928. Frances 'Fannie' Dodd Gowan died on 30 January 1937. They are buried together in the Gowan - Dodd Cemetery, a small family cemetery that is now abandoned. To locate the cemetery, from Kosciusko, Mississippi, proceed south on Hwy 35 to the road that leads to the pumping stations: but instead of turning toward the stations, turn right or west, go about a mile. On the right are tracks of a road (Well there used to be). It may be closed off by a gate. Walk up the tracks to the top of the hill and then turn right and you should see the iron fence that surrounds the cemetery.

Also buried in this cemetery are Mary D. Gowan, born 5 August 1895 and died 12 September 1895 and Martha 'Mattie' M. Gowan who was born 29 March 1875 and died 11 October 1890.

William Alexander Gowan became a Medical Doctor, born 1877 and died 1937. His wife, Rosie Harkins Gowan was born 1885 and died 1971. They are buried in the kosciusko City Cemetery.

Garrett E. Gowan, married his wife Alice ca 1896 and in the 1900 census they had three children; Richard E. 3, Jesse T. 1 and Veto 1 month old. By 1920, the family is shown living in Mongomery County with nine additional children.


The photograph of Jesse C. Gowan and his sons was submitted by Charles McAdams who resides in Whitehall, Arkansas. The original owner of the photograph was Sattie T. Crittenden. It then went into the possession of Martha Ann Gowan Crittenden, and then Mary McAdams and is now in Arkansas in the possession of Charles McAdam.

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