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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,March 22, 1979


Recorders Seek Info

By Joyce W. Sanders

  Why the question mark? Because this column of the Kosciusko-Attala Historical Society is striving to record some of those "thrice-told, unproven but well believed" family legends.

  We also hope to recognize many persons. places and things which were not included in the "History of Attala County." In order to do so, we will need the cooperation of each interested indiviual. Many thanks to W. C. Shoemaker for allowing us this opportunity.

  If anyone has any family facts, or legends, which they wish to share with others, please send them to the Kosciusko-Attala County Historical Society, Post Office Box 127, or to Joyce W. Sanders, Route 4, Box 73, Kosciusko, MS 39090.

  This could be interesting as well as informative...whose great grandfather built a tree- house in the Yockanookany Swamp and lived there for four months? Whose great-great-grandfather had the Irish love of a "wee drap" and once stopped to rest in the same swamp, to awaken with snake bite marks on his arm and a dead cottonmouth lying close by?

There were no ill effects to anyone but the snake.

  Whose father often told tales of a big cave near Pearl River just over the line in Leake County where John Murrell and his gang often hid out after a raid on the Trace or on Robinson Road? Whose kin helped them hide? Why, mine did.

  What beautiful church in Attala County may be forced to stop having services because of lack of, not money, but of attendance? For the anser to this question, please read our next column.

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The above article appeared in the March 22, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.

Please keep in mind that this article was written in March, 1979 and the request for family facts, or legends which you wish to share has long since expired. However, the American Local History Network Attala County web site is interested in any family facts, legends or photographs you would be willing to share. Contact us by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


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