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The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,March 27, 1980


Doctors Play Role In Attala Heritage

By Joyce W. Sanders   In listing the midwives of Attala County, I forgot one of the earliest, an Indian woman, name unknown. She assisted Mrs. Olivia Blackman Huffman, wife of William, at the birth of a daughter in 1844.
  Mrs. Huffman allowed her to name the baby, thus Yarico Huffman received her Indian name. Yarico grew to maturity and was married to Robert Montgomery Williams; he was a railroad man and was known all his life as "Gum" Williams. They were ancestors of Robert J. Ross and are both buried in the oldest section of the Kosciusko Cemetery. Thus a testimony to a skilled Indian midwife.
  Mrs. Margaret Ray Buchanan has a medical book which was written by Dr. James A. Nash. She also has a page from a medical ledger of Dr. Ozias Lewis. It was found in the Lewis home when Dr. Robert and Denise Ray purchased it. Dr. Henry Chappell was born July 4, 1826, in the 50th year of our independence. In 1850 he came to Kosciusko from Columbia, South Carolina. Four years later, he died and is buried in the Kosciusko Cemetery near E. M. Wells' grave.
 ' From the Niles' Diary we learn that Dr. Robert McAdory died on September 17, 1841.

From census records was found Dr. W. T. Kendall born in that same year in Georgia. I don't know if there is a connection or not, but Dr. J. R. Kendall was born in Mississippi in 1855. The 1880 Attala Census lists his father as being born in Maryland. This Dr. Kendall practiced at Newport as did Dr. Hemingway and Dr. T. J. Love. The 1880 census list Dr. Love as being born in 1838 in Tennessee, as were both his parents. Mrs. M. B. Love, his wife, was born in 1844 in Mississippi.
  Gravestones at New Salem Baptist Church give us the dates of Dr. W. W. Thornton. He was born May 20, 1842, and died January 27, 1906. Mary J., his wife, was born April 23, 1837, and died August 7, 1909. Early doctors listed in the Hesterville Community are Dr. Clarence Ellard and Dr. Leon Thomas.
  In a short biographical sketch of candidates listed in the Kosciusko Herald for September, 1895, we see that Dr. J. R. Roby was born in Jasper County, Georgia, in 1840 and came to Attala County in 1858. Dr. Roby also served in the Army of the Confederate States.
  At West Union Cemetery on Hwy 43 South lies Dr. C. W. Carter and wife, Lela West Carter. Dr. Carter was born November 24, 1855, and died November 12, 1899.

  In Pleasant Hill Cemetery is Dr. Fred Weed born February 1, 1872, and died October 9, 1899. Born and reared at Pleasant Ridge was Dr. A. G. Gunter, who practiced and died in St. Charles, Arkansas. The 1880 census list Dr. William Edwards born 1821 in Tennessee with his father, a native of Georgia, and his mother of North Carolina. Listed with Dr. Edwards are three children: his son, Willie, born in 1858, Sarah Jane in 1862 and daughter, Abramattie in 1864. His wife must have already died, but she and the children were natives of Mississippi.
  On March 1, 1881, Dr. William Stiles was an attendant at the wedding of H. W. Carpenter and Miss Lummie B. Edwards. On December 1, 1895. Dr. C. E. Wilson and Miss Lula Crow were united in marriage. Dr. Samuel Bogan practiced medicine in Attala in 1871, the year that Mabel Jamison's father was born, and he was named Samuel Bogan Jamison for the doctor. Dr. Robert Newton Smith was in Attala County in 1865 when he died and Miss Jamison's Uncle Robert Newton Smith was named for him.
  Thus ends these articles on the medical profession of Attala County, but this not close the desire to learn more about these noble men and women.

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