Attala County, Mississippi


The Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Miss.,April 12, 1979


Blocker, Rainey Ancestors Sought

By Joyce W. Sanders

  Quoting from a letter from Danny Jennings of New York City, "Those stories of the Yockanookany Swamp remind me of others. As for that person who lived in there, it's a wonder he did not get eaten up by alligators, from stories I've heard. My daddy once dived off the bridge outside town and landed on a big ol' alligator head. Luckily for him the alligator was stunned for a spell, so Daddy escaped. I've got a big ol' piece of luggage to prove it."

  I tried to get a confirmation from Mr Jennings, who only said he is sure he told the "tall tale" to his boys. However, Danny is probably not aware that the Swamp-dweller was also his great-great grand-father.

  David Blocker of San Antonio, Texas has also written the Historical Society in an effort to obtain information on his grand-parents, Rufus Clinton and Eunice Ward Blocker. He has been told that Eunice Ward was born on July 28, 1885, in or near Kosciusko.

  The Society will be glad to pass along any information which we may receive to Mr. Blocker, as he especially desires to know who were the parents of Eunice Ward.

  From Alaska comes a query about David and Elizabeth Russell Rainey. He was a Methodist preacher in the Attala area around the civil war time; three of his four sons were also preachers. How about passing along any information on these families to the Society, P.O.Box 127, Kosciusko, MS 39090? We, in turn, will see that it reaches Marilyn Redd in Alaska.

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The above article appeared in the April 12, 1979 Star-Herald, Kosciusko, Ms. It is republished here with the knowledge and consent of Joyce W. Sanders.

Please keep in mind that this article was written in April, 1979 and the request for information was more than twenty years ago. One cannot be certain that the Society still has information on the parties that were seeking the information on the families noted above. However, Marylyn Redd in Alaska, if your still out there searching, the County Coordinator for Attala County for the American Local History Network just happens to be a descendant of the Rainey family of Attala County. You can reach me by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

It is not known if three of David Rainey's sons became preachers but it is known that three sons of William Rufus Rainey and Mary Duncan, David's parents, became preachers. They were; David Rainey (1817), William R. Rainey II (1828) and Eli Needham Rainey (1830). For more on the William Rufus Rainey family, please see "Early Attala Settlers" section which can be reached from the Home page or by clicking on the following link: [William Rainey Family].


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