MUSTER-40th MS INFANTRY REGIMENT, Co. "C"               
             APRIL 28, 1862                     
         Formed of men from South Attala County and North Madison County
         at Attalaville, Attala Co., MS and discharged by General Joe
         Johnston April 27, 1865 near Greensboro, NC
         original name: Captain Thompson's Yankee Hunters, 1861- 60 day
         troops; formed April 28, 1862 Co. "C" 40th MS Infantry Regiment, CSA.       
         Colonel Bruce Colbert, Commanding Officer, 40th MS INF REGIMENT
         (Acting Brigadier General) killed last battle in NC.
Election of Officers
         VOTERS APRIL 28, 1862
         1-E. H. Williams                      15-Walter Hoof
         2-W. Y. Dotson                        16-J. G. Lloyd
         3-B. L. Williams                      17-R. H. Carson
         4-F. M. Patton                        18-J. M. Porter
         5-H. Ables                            19-Thomas Muller
         6-John S. McLean                      20-W. W. Wigler
         7-George LeBlanch                     21-W. H. Mclntire
         8-J. Y. Branch                        22-D. W. Porter
         9-A. J. Ingram                        23-J. M. Bishop
         10-M. D. Ellington                    24-William Porter
         11-L. Ellington                       25-William Cotton
         12-John Waugh                         26-William Martin
         13-J. J. Turner                       27-J.B. Allen
         14-John Dew                           28-Z. Bishop
         29-William Bishop                     56-A.C. Parker
         30-Robert Carson                      57-G. J. Bowling
         31-Ewing  L. Mabry                    58-Sam McKay
         32-James H. Burrell, Jr.              59-G. W. Flowers
         33-D. W. Cummings                     60-J. R. Ware
         34-Robert Paulettee                   61-D. J. McKay
         35-R. B. Campbell                     62-J. N. Hamilton
         36-B. L. White                        63-J. H. Pearson
         37-James Robinson                     64-J. D. Divine
         38-James H. Burrell, Sr.              65-J. Montgomery
         39-J. W. Powell                       66-B. G. Barrett
         40-William C Hearst                   67-G. L. Mabry
         41-John J. Mitchell                   68-W. R. Simpson
         42-Owen Jenkins                       69-Aaron Miller
         43-S. R. Craps                        70-A. J. Simpson
         44-J. W. Smith                        71-J. R. Adams
         45-W. W. Steward                      72-James Burrell
         46-Z  Stewart                         73-E. J. Tucker
         47-S. J  Jenkins                      74-J. C. Davis
         48-J. J. Dowling                      75-W. W. David
         49-W. T. Jenkins                      76-N. J. Steen
         50-B. F. Massey                       77-W. W. Divine
         51-Issac Martin                       78-W. W. Davis
         52-J. F. Neaves                       79-W. H. Turner
         53-William Ballard                    80-William J. Lesley
         54-J. A. Cooper                                     
      R. B. Campbell- Captain; Acclamation
                         Died June 28, 1863 of wounds
                         received May 24, 1863 at Vicksburg (Promoted
                         Major January 12,1863).
      J. A. Cooper- 1st Lieutenant; Acclamation
                         Promoted Captain on death of Campbell
                         Wounded severely Peachtree Creek, GA,
                         Died August 15, 1864 in Atlanta, GA hospital
      E. H. Williams- 2nd Lieutenant; 48 votes
                         Killed November 30, 1864 in Franklin, TN
      W. T. Dotson-3rd Lieutenant
                         Promoted 2nd Lieutenant; Resigned Jan.28, 1864,
                         Resaca, GA
      April 28, 1862
      Attala County
    MANAGERS:      Z. Massey
                   J. F. Neaves
                   Alex McMillian
         Copied July 13, 1972 from original
         records in Mississippi Department
         of Archives And History in
         Jackson, Mississippi by
         Curtis Eugene McDaniel
         Typed January 18, 1994